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IT&E launches second cell site in Dandan

(Press Release) — IT&E recently increased the network capacity in Dandan, installing an additional cell site last week.

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Dandan cell site 2 is up and operational to provide additional coverage capacity to the residents of Dandan.  IT&E photo
According to director of network operations Velma Palacios, the second cell site will provide additional wireless coverage for both data and voice to the Dandan homestead area.

“Last month, we brought up our first cell site in Tanapag and now we’ve increased our coverage capacity for LTE in one of our larger areas,” Palacios said.

Chief operating officer John Compton said the ongoing improvements to the fiber network and additional cell sites will continue to increase wireless data speeds and coverage.

“We are extending our fiber network to meet the needs of more of our customers of every village and neighborhood. Coming into the mid-part of March, we still have site installations to look forward to which will enhance speeds in our most crucial areas. As we continue laying our fiber optic cables around the island, we are connecting all cellular sites and improving our LTE services,” Compton said.

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