Saipan mayor has officiated at 14 same-sex marriages

FOURTEEN same-sex couples have exchanged vows at the Saipan mayor’s office this year, according to the mayor’s marriage coordinator Barbara “Bobbie” Yamada.

Of the 14 couples, two were from Saipan: female Filipinos and Chamorros.

Yamada said Mayor David M. Apatang officiated at eight same sex-marriages in January, four in February and two more as of March 15.

“Most of these same-sex couples are Chinese and most of them are females,” she told Variety.

In 2016, Yamada said the mayor’s office officiated at the marriages of 30 same-sex couples, mostly involving Chinese, but also including Filipinos, Chamorros and Koreans.

She said they always remind marriage license applicants that they will face penalties if they make false statements on the application forms.