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Post office renamed after first island’s postmaster, fallen heroes

SAIPAN’S post office is now known as the Segundo T. Sablan and CNMI Fallen Military Heroes Post Office Building.

The renaming ceremony was held on Thursday morning and was attended by CNMI officials headed by Gov. Ralph Deleon Guerrero Torres and Lt. Gov. Victor B. Hocog.

It was U.S. Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan who introduced a measure to name the post office after the islands’ first postmaster and fallen heroes.

The measure was passed by the U.S. Congress and signed into law by then-President Barack Obama.

Kilili said Segundo Sablan and the islands’ fallen heroes will be remembered for their hard work and dedication and service each time a person enters the post office.

Jeanette Sablan, daughter of Segundo Sablan, witnessed the ceremony and said she was overwhelmed by the tribute to her father.

“It’s something that we appreciate. If not for Congressman Kilili, it would not have happened. I’m glad he did it and glad that he also included our fallen heroes in this honor,” she said.

Jeanette D. Sablan, daughter of Segundo T. Sablan, Saipan’s first postmaster, and U.S. Postal Service official Leo Tudela smile during a ceremony on Thursday renaming the post office after Segundo T. Sablan and the CNMI’s fallen military heroes.  Photo by Cherrie Anne E. Villahermosa

Governor Torres commended the legacy of Segundo Sablan and the CNMI’s fallen heroes.

Leo Tudela, director of Asia-Pacific Global Business, U.S. Postal Service, said he first met Segundo Sablan when he was a young boy.

He said Sablan was already a postmaster at that time. He described him as someone who was very strong and tough and was dedicated to his job, making sure that all of the mail was delivered.

Segundo Sablan was 32 years old when he became a post master. He served for 10 years and passed away in 1978.

Also on Thursday, Kilili handed Post 9/11 Heroes Posters and plaques to the families and representatives of the CNMI’s fallen heroes: Army Sgt. Yihjyh “Eddie” Chen, Army SSG Wilgene T. Lieto, Army SPC Derence W. Jack, Army SGT Jesse J. Castro, Marine LCpl Adam Q. Emul, Army SPC Leeroy A. Camacho, Army PFC John D. Flores, Army PFC Victor Fontanilla, Army SPC Joe Charfauros Jr, Navy Seaman Anamarie San Nicolas, Army SGT Brian S. Leon Guerrero, Army SSG Julian F. Manglona, Air Force SrA Audra P.M. Winkfield, Marine Cpl Dave M. Santos, Army SSG George Joseph A. Sablan, Marine LCpl Ramon T. Kaipat, Army SPC Hanson Mendiola, Army SPC Joselyn Tara Mafnas, Army SPC Christopher Henry Manalo Del Rosario, Marine LCpl Stephen A. Romolor and Army SPC Franco Sai San Nicolas Taimanao.

Postmaster Harry Wilcox thanked all the guests and the volunteers who helped beautify the area around the post office building in Chalan Kanoa, including the staff of Rep. Edwin Propst for helping in the landscaping of the area.

Wilcox also thanked his staff for all the hard work they have done at the post office.