Tinian mayor remains opposed to CJMT

(Press Release) — On Tuesday, April 24, the Section 106 consultation meetings reconvened on Tinian to resume discussions about the proposed joint military training activities under the Commonwealth Joint Military Training Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

Joey P. San NicolasJoey P. San Nicolas
Under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, federal agencies are required to take into account the effects of their undertakings on historic properties.

Prior to and at the end of the Section 106 meeting, held in the Tinian mayor’s office conference room, Mayor Joey P. San Nicolas made it clear that, although he welcomed any federal agency to his office, his welcoming the agency did not mean an endorsement of the CJMT proposal. San Nicolas stated that he stands by the comments he submitted in 2015, as well as his remarks at the 902 meetings in   Washington, D.C.   and   Honolulu, Hawaii,   and   he   joins   the   Torres-Hocog administration and CNMI agencies in their opposition to the CJMT proposal.

“Although the Department of Defense has received over 28,000 comments, a supermajority of which are opposed to the CJMT, it appears that they are still committed to pursuing high hazard impact live fire training on Tinian. The people of Tinian remain steadfast in opposition to the CJMT. Moreover, regardless of whether Section 106, NEPA, or 902 for that matter, results in an amended version of the CJMT, the People of Tinian reserve the right to criticize or even oppose any amended version of the CJMT proposal,” said Mayor San Nicolas.

“It seems clear to me that despite our community’s vehement objections to activities which will adversely impact the physical, cultural, and social landscape of our island, DOD is intent on moving forward with their plans to conduct live fire training on Tinian. As I have stated many times before, these plans are entirely unacceptable and will continue to be unacceptable for as long as certain components are not completely taken off the table. Of primary concern are the high hazard impact and live fire training activities which to this island community are non-negotiable,” stated Mayor San Nicolas.