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Lawmaker: Human and social services seminars should be held in villages

REPRESENTATIVE Larry Deleon Guerrero is hoping that Ayuda Network Inc. will hold seminars on available human and social services in the villages and reach out to those who lack transportation.

On July 13 and 14, Ayuda hosted a human and social services seminar at Kanoa Resort, and most of the participants were recipients of the Nutrition Assistance Program.

Ayuda executive director Diana Camacho said they were expecting 150 participants, but only about 90 attended due to lack of transportation.   Some also said they could not get a baby-sitter for their children, she added.

But Camacho said they provided daycare for children of the parents who participated in the seminar. “We had Division of Youth Services parent volunteers to look after the children.”

Wildrose Haruo along with Riden and Roslina Fiden were among the participants during the seminar hosted by Ayuda Network Inc. at Kanoa Resort on July 13 and 14.  Photo by Lori Lyn C. Lirio

The seminar discussed community services for children, youth and low-income families, as well as assistance for victims of domestic and sexual assault, emergency preparedness, human, civil and legal rights of individuals with disabilities.

Ayuda and the Commonwealth Diabetes Coalition also spoke about health services, non-communicable diseases, substance abuse prevention services as well as maternal/child health, nutrition and cancer services.

“Ayuda is doing this annually,” Deleon Guerrero said, referring to the seminar. “But I am recommending that they hold this seminar in villages and increase the public’s awareness of the kind of services that are available to them.”

Deleon Guerrero said funding for such village seminars should not be a problem.

“We always help. We help in fund raising. There are private donations too. If they can hold it in a hotel, then they can afford a townhall meeting. It will be a worthwhile gathering. My recommendation is to reach out to the villages. I really appreciate Ayuda and other agencies and organizations for educating our people about the services available to them.”