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Firefighter arrested for aggravated assault and battery

A FIREFIGHTER was arrested for punching through a window in his ex-girlfriend’s house, hitting her in the process, and resulting in a cut on her temple, among other injuries, early Thursday morning.

A $10,000 cash bail was imposed on 24-year-old Kaegel Tebuteb Taitano by Superior Court Judge Joseph Camacho on Friday.

Taitano is charged with aggravated assault and battery, criminal mischief, and disturbing the peace. He was remanded to the custody of the Department of Corrections after the hearing.

The court appointed attorney Daniel Guidotti to represent Taitano who was found to be indigent. The court also noted a conflict of interest because the victim is a former employee of the Public Defender’s Office.

Assistant Attorney General Jonathan Wilberscheid appeared for the government.

Police said they responded to a domestic-violence incident on Thursday, July 13, at 3:11 a.m. on Mestisa Avenue in Dandan.

Prior to the incident, the victim said she was asleep with her 7-year-old son, when she heard a loud banging noise on one of the windows near the entrance of her house.

She saw that it was Taitano who was banging on the window. She said she had had a relationship with him before, but they had been separated for a month now.

Taitano, she said, asked her to open the door while shouting profanities at her.

She told police that she was afraid to open the door. She was standing near the window when Taitano punched the glass. The victim tried to avoid getting hit by broken glass by turning her face to the right, but she could not avoid Taitano’s punch through the window and was struck on the temple, sustaining an inch-long a cut. A piece of glass also struck her and she likewise had a cut on her right forearm.

The victim said after breaking the glass, Taitano told her, “That’s what you get.”

The victim’s parents — whose home is behind the victim’s residence — told police that they saw Taitano’s truck leaving her house, and they found their daughter crying, shaking and scared. She had blood all over, the victim’s mother said.

Police said the victim, who was brought to Commonwealth Health Center, sustained injuries that required six stitches on her left temple by her ear and several more on her arm. She also had several small cuts on her neck, police added.