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56 establishments get Grade A rating from Bureau of Environmental Health

FIFTY-SIX retail, eating and drinking establishments received a Grade A rating from the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation’s Bureau of Environmental Health following its July sanitary inspections.

“This means they are compliant with sanitary regulations set by the government. They have good systems for preparing food and their facilities are good,” John Tagabuel, CHCC-BEH director, said.

Three establishments obtained Grade B while two received Grade C.

Aside from an actual inspection, Tagabuel said they used descriptive questionnaires to determine if an establishment has deficiencies or not.

“There are some establishments that we marked as Grade A and Grade B if there were some deficiencies, but they were all minor and could be corrected right away,” he said.

A Grade C rating means there are issues with an establishment’s system, including food preparation and proper food storage, he added.

“Obtaining a Grade C does not mean closure of the establishment. It means they barely meet the standards for sanitary regulations. We give them a warning and recommendations. We educate them as well on the proper system of operating food establishments, including preparation, proper storage and labeling of food.”

Those that received a Grade A rating were:

• Halal Pizza Restaurant, San Antonio

• Eucon International Cafeteria, Gualo Rai

• Lao Market, Chalan Kanoa

• Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant, Garapan

• Hao Wei Lai Tofu, Chalan Piao

• Gradvrio Hotel outlets — Fiesta Hall, Pool Side Bar, Magalahi Bar, Dolphin Restaurant, Tropicana Restaurant, cafeteria, catering

• Pacific Island Hotel outlets — Charlie’s, Magellan, Coffee Shop, Boutiki Shop, Main Kitchen, Bakery, Isla Restaurant, Buoy Bar, Beach Side bar, Employee’s cafeteria, Sea Side Grill

• Bai Le Men Bar, Garapan

• ABC Store 701, Garapan

• Troy Fish Vendor, Chalan Kiya

• LN Market, including butcher and packing

• Ace Hardware Retail, Susupe

• Kylie’s Restaurant and Bake Shop, Gualo Rai

• Shin Restaurant, Garapan

• Eucon International School, Gualo Rai

• Local Taste, San Antonio

• Salty’s Restaurant and Bar, Garapan

• Triple J Wholesale, Chalan Kanoa

• Capitol Hill Market Retail, Butcher and Packing, Capital Hill

• Happy Noni House Restaurant and Retail, Garapan

• Seaside Mart, Garapan

• 3JM Vegetable and Fruits Market, Garapan

• KB Market, Koblerville

• Ming Li Super Market and Wholesale, As Lito

• Serene Bar and Grill, Garapan

• Joeten Susupe Shopping Center — Packing Facility, Susupe

• Aiko’s Snack Bar, Susupe

• Luen Fung Retail and Butcher, Gualo Rai

• Galaxy Snack Bar, Chalan Kanoa

• Galaxy Snack Bar, Tanapag

• Yong Hao Retail, Koblerville

• I Love Saipan Gift Shop, Managaha Island

• Hula Girl Snack Bar, Managaha Island

• Avenue Restaurant, Garapan

• Susan’s BBQ Stand and Catering, Dandan

• Chacha Oceanview Jr. High School, Kagman

• Coca Cola and Ice Kiss Wholesale, Chalan Laulau

• Saipan Stores I and II, Garapan

• Joeten Hafa Adai Shopping Center, Garapan — Daily Bakery, butcher and packing facility

Grade B:

• New Family Discount Store, Dandan

• Joeten Susupe Shopping Center Butcher, Susupe

• Star Apple Gift Shop, San Jose

Grade C:

• De Keya Restaurant, Garapan

• Eastern BBQ, Garapan