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‘Now is the time to rally behind President Trump’

GOVERNOR Ralph D.L.G. Torres on Thursday expressed full trust and confidence in President Donald Trump’s leadership amid mounting tensions with North Korea.

“Being on the front line of the threat from North Korea, along with our brothers and sisters in Guam, I place my full faith and trust in our president to make the appropriate decisions for the security and protection of our nation,” Torres said in a statement. “All Americans, from the Marianas to the mainland, are at risk given North Korea’s threats and those from other foreign enemies.”

He added, “Now is the time to rally behind our commander-in-chief…in order to protect our nation and the proud citizens of our country living in the U.S. territories. I support our president and our U.S. military, and I am proud to fly the American flag in the western Pacific.”

Sen. Sixto Igisomar also made a statement during the Senate session on Thursday regarding North Korea’s threat to strike Guam with missiles.

He said now is the time to pray that the leaders of the U.S. and North Korea will choose peace over war.

“Let us pray for President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un to consider the lives of the people who will be affected if anything goes wrong during their battle of words and power. So we pray for the safety of the people of North Korea and the people of Guam, of our soldiers, the men and women in uniform. We pray that no lives will be lost and that both leaders, as well as the other leaders of the world, will calm down and think about their people.”