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Bigger crowd expected on second day of International Festival of Cultures

ORGANIZERS are expecting a bigger crowd on the second day of the International Festival of Cultures this Saturday at the Garapan Fishing Base.

Despite the rain and strong winds last Saturday, the turnout was still good, Marianas Visitors Authority Managing Director Chris Concepcion said.

Chris ConcepcionChris Concepcion

“I’m sure there would’ve been a larger crowd though had the weather cooperated,” he added.

The festival is held every Saturday of the month to celebrate the CNMI’s cultural diversity with special emphasis on indigenous Micronesian cultures.

Concepcion said holding the festival at Garapan Fishing Base helped tremendously last Saturday because there was no flooding on the festival grounds despite the bad weather.

“We had live performances from several cultural groups and the audience was very receptive,” he said.

Chamorro welcoming chant stood out during the opening night, he added. “And the food served at the booths of the Federated States of Micronesia, Japan, China, Hawaii/Tahiti/Cook Islands, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Korea were phenomenal.”

Arts and crafts are displayed at the CNMI, Palau, Samoa/Tonga/Fiji and Marshall Islands booths. Concepcion described the items on display as “exquisite.”

“Our famous Marianas-chan, Jebro Leon, will perform with a partner at the CNMI booth during the JATA Tourism Expo in Tokyo next week,” Concepcion said.

Another important feature of the opening night was the roast pig provided by Imperial Pacific’s Corporate Social Responsibility team, he added.

“It was very popular with guests who experienced an important tradition in local culture,” Concepcion said, noting that roast pigs are served at important family and community events.