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Saipan mayor supports rezoning of Beach Road lots

GIVEN the diversity of business activities and uses of lots fronting Beach Road, Saipan Mayor David M. Apatang said the proposed rezoning of the village commercial zoning district to mixed commercial zoning district is proper.

If rezoned, it will also afford the highest and best use of the lots, the mayor said in his written comments on House Local Bill 20-31 which proposes to amend Saipan official zoning map sheets 20 and 24 of 29 to rezone certain lots.

In his letter to Saipan and Northern Islands Legislative Delegation Chairman John Paul Sablan, the mayor said the rezoning will have very minimal impact as far as uses are concerned.

David M. ApatangDavid M. Apatang

Apatang said of the 103 different uses listed on the table of permitted, conditional and temporary uses in the zoning law, village commercial zoning district and mixed commercial zoning district vary a mere 33 percent in permitted, conditional and temporary uses.

He said the difference between the two zoning districts, as now provided in the current zoning law, is almost insignificant.

“We believe any impact from the rezoning of the districts as set forth on sheets 20 and 24 of 29 should be, at the most, negligible,” he said.

The mayor said the only use that would be prohibited after the rezoning of districts is the contractor’s office and storage, which currently is a conditional use in the village commercial zoning district.

According to the bill, which was introduced by Sablan, the rezoning of certain lots will attract other businesses to conduct operations on Saipan and allow for a wide range of businesses to contribute to and revitalize the economy and the livelihood of local residents.

The proposed rezoning from village commercial zoning district to mixed commercial zoning district will include all lots immediately located on the eastern side of Beach Road, directly adjacent to the main road beginning from the lot located on the northeast quadrant of the intersection of Beach Road and As Perdido Road and continuing to the final lot on the southeast quadrant of the intersection of Beach Road and Chalan Monsignor Guerrero Road.

Apatang said the permitted, conditional and not permitted uses in the mixed commercial zoning district will enhance the development of the lots that front Beach Road, and offer more activities to add to the existing variety of business activities along Beach Road.

“Our only concern about the bill is the use of the word ‘quadrant.’ We believe the zoning map sheets do not use quadrants to delineate boundary lines of zoning districts, and use of the word has the potential to make delineation a bit too difficult,” the mayor said.

He suggested using lot numbers in determining the boundary lines to avoid running into difficulty identifying the physical boundary lines of the zoning district.

Apatang recommended the exclusion of lots on the oceanside of Beach Road that are located in the village commercial zoning district.