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Saipan mayor’s office warns against illegal dumping

SAIPAN Mayor David M. Apatang said individuals who indiscriminately dump their trash just about anywhere should stop their illegal activity or be penalized.

Recently, the mayor said his field personnel found trash in an unoccupied property and in the jungle in Kagman.

They also found garbage thrown on a vacant property across from Koberlerville Elementary School.

“We are now looking for names and other identification from the debris that we found,” Apatang said, adding that two personnel of his office have been deputized to issue tickets to violators of the anti-littering law.

The mayor at the same time is asking members of the community for their full cooperation and help in implementing the government’s beautification program.

“We just cleaned the area but then somebody dumped their trash again,” the mayor said.

He said illegal dumping is defeating the purpose of the beautification program.

Apatang said instead of breaking the law by illegally disposing of their trash, community members can call his office “and we will pick it up.”

His special assistant, Henry Hofschneider, said people who continue to dump their trash illegally have no respect for the island and the environment.

He said there are many ways to legally dispose of trash. “We cannot just always rely and be dependent on the government. We have to be responsible too,” he added.