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Igisomar: 10-year land use plan too short

SENATOR Sixto Igisomar said the proposed 10-year implementation of a land-use plan in the CNMI may be too short.

Igisomar was among the three Saipan senators who met with Department of Public Lands Secretary Marianne C. Teregeyo and a team of consultants on Friday.

“My concern is, as things are changing rapidly nowadays because of technology, progress and development nowadays are also fast so by the time they do the scoping, assessment, analysis and completion of the plan, it may be outdated already,” Igisomar said in an interview on Monday.

Sixto IgisomarSixto Igisomar

“By the time we understood the plan, three, four or five years may have passed already so we may have to change it again to update our data,” the senator added.

DPL said its consultants are moving forward with the land-use plan process and have started gathering information which will take a year to complete.

The consultants are expected to make a presentation in March 2018 on what they have collected.

“A 10-year plan is okay — in a perfect world,” Igisomar said. “But in the real world, things are moving quickly so I hope we can work on it as fast as we can to be able to use the product. If the implementation will be delayed it will be just another old plan or an outdated plan just like the 1989 plan that was never implemented.”

During the discussion, Igisomar said he asked the consultants “if they are aware of some data with the Department of Commerce like the economic indicators, the highest prevailing wages, the CPI and whether there are key specific data they are in need of.”

He said some data, such as the employment insurance, were not available.

“We don’t have those, but then they told us that they met with Commerce and they are going over the reports and the data, so I just asked them to know what gaps are existing in the CNMI and if there are gaps in gathering data and information.”

Igisomar said if the land-use plan would be implemented effectively, it is going to be beneficial as it will guide the government and the private sector in the proper use of land for public and business purposes.