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Saipan mayor urges islanders to preserve, practice culture

SAIPAN Mayor David M. Apatang has noted the many challenges facing the islands’ culture as the CNMI celebrates Commonwealth Cultural Day today, Monday.

“Our Chamorro and Carolinian cultures have become vulnerable to constant changes because the diversity of people living in our community has grown exponentially and by great proportions,” he said.

But changes will happen because that’s the “fact of life whether we like it or not.”

The mayor, however, encouraged the people to remember always their origins and ancestry.

“We must not forget our beginnings, where we came from; what we have overcome; what we have accomplished; where we failed; our collective dreams, etc. We cannot sacrifice our culture for a way of life that extinguishes who we are or places us at risk of losing our own culture and identity,” he said.

“As Chamorro and Carolinian people of this great commonwealth,” Apatang said, “we owe it to the future generations to continue the effort to preserve and practice our cultures.”

He said the CNMI has “progressed by leaps and bounds and keeping up with the many changes it has undergone over many years call upon its people to slow the pace of their daily lives at least once a year to reflect and appreciate their long history.”

As the islands celebrate Commonwealth Cultural Day, the mayor said “everyone that has made the CNMI a home must remember that in building our community, we nourished a culture that grew from many different ones and is unique to our islands.”