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4 arrested on drug-related charges

FOUR individuals arrested on drug-related charges appeared in Superior Court on Monday.

Judge Kenneth Govendo imposed a $100,000 bail on Anthony Sakisat Camacho, 41, a.k.a. Ton Bako; and Thomas Tudela Matsunaga, 52.

Judge Joseph N. Camacho imposed a similar $100,000 bail on Ronnie Malsol San Nicolas, 23.

The three defendants were charged with possession and trafficking of crystal methamphetamine or ice.

In a separate case of ice possession and trafficking, Judge Camacho imposed a $25,000 bail on Matsunaga and Remedio Sablan Islam, 50.

Anthony S. Camacho, San Nicolas and Matsunaga were arrested by the CNMI Drug Enforcement Task Force though a buy-walk operation with the help of a cooperating source.

Police said the confiscated evidence tested presumptive positive for the presence of methamphetamine.

In the bail hearing, Assistant Public Defender Shoshana Epstein represented Anthony S. Camacho and Matsunaga while Assistant Public Defender Cindy Nesbit represented San Nicolas.

Assistant Attorney General Chester Hinds appeared for the government.

The preliminary hearing for Anthony S. Camacho, San Nicolas and Matsunaga was set for Oct. 23 and 24 at 1:30 p.m. while the arraignment will be held on Oct. 30 at 9 a.m.

In the separate ice possession and trafficking case, Matsunaga was represented by Assistant Public Defender Cindy Nesbit while the court will appoint a private counsel for Islam after finding there’s a conflict of interest.

Assistant Attorney General Chester Hinds appeared for the government.

On Sept. 20, 2017, police said they received report about two individuals smoking ice in a vehicle parked in front of a poker arcade in San Antonio. Police identified the individuals as Matsunaga and Islam.

When police approached Matsunaga’s vehicle and knocked on the window, they said they heard the vehicle’s doors being locked and observed Matsunaga pouring water in a cup between his legs and reaching into his left front pocket and pulling out what appeared to be a small Ziploc bag containing crystalline substance. Police said Matsunaga poured the contents into the cup and on the car floor panel.

Matsunaga, police added, also smashed a glass pipe on the floor panel after he poured water on it.

Police said they instructed Matsunaga and Islam to open the door of the vehicle but the two did not comply until after Matsunaga destroyed all possible drugs that they might have.

Mastunaga opened the vehicle only after he had completely destroyed possible evidence in the car, police said.

In an interview with the police, Matsunaga admitted that he and Islam were smoking ice in the car.

Islam declined to make any statement without an attorney present.