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CHCC increases room rates

THE Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation has increased its fees and service charges related to room and board at the hospital, effective Oct. 4, 2017.

CHCC Chief Executive Officer Esther Muna said the hospital fees have not increased since 2012.

“Despite not getting reimbursed for uncompensated care, CHCC did not increase its fees. Uncompensated care is care provided to those that we cannot refuse to provide services to,” Muna said.

Esther MunaEsther Muna

She added that a fee increase is necessary. “CHCC just simply cannot retain the old fees while ensuring the availability of services through its medical staff, nursing staff, and other clinical support staff.”

When CHCC became a public corporation in Oct. 2011, the CNMI government provided the hospital a seed money of $5 million for operation and $2 million thereafter. CHCC’s predecessor, the former Department of Public Health, used to have an annual budget of $37 million.

Muna said they plan to implement more increases, but added that these need “further analysis.”

She earlier said that the rate increases will help them retain their nurses and hire local graduates by providing more competitive salaries.

In an email, CHCC chief financial officer Derek T. Sasamoto said the room rates will increase from 15 to 60 percent.

“The adjustment is necessary to keep up with the increasing costs of healthcare services in the CNMI,” Sasamoto stated.

He noted that the new fees and rates are now applicable unless the current Medicare rate is higher, in which case the current Medicare rates will apply instead of the rates.

The new rates:

• Room and Board ICU, per day, $2,550 (old rate) - $4,000 (new rate)

• Room and Board Nursery, per day, $380 (old rate) - $710 (new rate)

• Room and Board NICU, per day, $1,500 (old rate) - $2,550 (new rate)

• Room and Board Telemetry, per day, $1,090 (old rate) - $2,000 (new rate)

• Room and Board Private (isolation room), per day, $2,100 (old rate) - $2,550 (new rate)

• Room and Board Semi-Private, per day, $1,090 (old rate) - $2,800 (new rate)

• Delivery Room, per day, $850 (old rate) - $990 (new rate)

• Observation Bed, Labor Room, No Delivery, per day, $250 (old rate) - $500 (new rate)

• Observation Services at L&D, No Delivery, per day, $250 (old rate) - $500 (new rate)

• L&D Mid-Level Professional Service, per hours, when not included with obstetrical care charges (private attending physician), $50 (old rate) - $100 (new rate)

• Operating room (15 minutes), $1,950 (old rate) - $2,500 (new rate)

• Anesthesia, per 15 minute increments, $155 (old rate) - $200 (new rate)

• Recovery Room, first hour, $200 (old rate) - $300 (new rate)

• Recovery Room, 15 minutes, $110 (old rate) - $200 (new rate)

• Observation Bed, per hour, $40 (old rate) - $100 (new rate)

• Embalming supplies, $250 (old rate) - $400 (new rate)