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ESFDB school-level Valentine N. Sengebau recital

ROTA (Press Release) — On Saturday, Oct. 14, Eskuelan San Francisco de Borja held its school level 4th Annual Valentine N. Sengebau Recital.

In preparation for the 14th Annual Valentine N. Sengebau Poetry Competition to be held on Oct. 17 on Saipan, parents, guardians, and guest gathered at the school cafeteria to listen, watch, and enjoy the recital from the students.

The students worked very hard to present a wonderful recitation and dance performances.

“The recital is a lovely extension of the work we do in language arts class. I am continually impressed at the confidence that grows through the experience in our students, which is a gift from God that serves each student well,” said administrator/principal Carmen H. Atalig.

Prior to the recital, five students from the junior high level recited their pick of Sengebau’s poetry to a panel of judges.

The standard of recitals was very high, giving the judges a difficult time because the performance was great.

After the deliberation from the judges, the duo of Auston Guiawan and Maria Althea Mendiola, and the duo of Kaitlyn Balgoa and John Kent Clitar will represent the school at the 14th Annual Valentine N. Sengbau Competition.

The duos of Kaitlyn Balgoa and John Kent Clitar, and Maria Althea Mendiola and Auston Guiawan recite their poem from Valentine N. Sengebau.  ESFDB photo

“Congratulations to the winners and all that participated in the event. Well done students who performed in front of their parents, guardians, and guest. The recital was surely a success!” added Atalig.

It was challenging in the beginning to memorize and act out the poem with my partner, but it worked out beautifully,” said 7th grader Kaitlyn Balgoa.

The students will be traveling to Saipan with their coach, Mary Rose Lucero and class adviser Edward Maratita Jr.

The competition is hosted by the Northern Marianas Humanities Council.  

The administration and faculty would like to extend their appreciation to the parents for their continued support to Catholic education, and to our judges Geraldine Dela Cruz and CNMI Board of Education member and retired U.S. Army SGM. Herman Atalig. Thank you, Un Sen Dangkulo Na Si Yu’us Ma’ase, Maraming Salamat Po, and Olomwaay!