Indigenous Affairs Office seeks Docomo Pacific’s help

THE Indigenous Affairs Office is asking Docomo Pacific to help promote indigenous identity by airing shows relating to Chamorro and Carolinian cultures.

Crispin OgoCrispin Ogo
IAO acting Resident Executive Cris Ogo said they are hoping to meet with Docomo Pacific executives to discuss a “possible partnership.”

The goal, he added, is to “provide public broadcasting to promote, preserve and protect the indigenous languages and culture.”

According to Ogo, a TV channel is a good tool to promote the native languages of the CNMI, indigenous lifestyles and life skills, indigenous culture and issues affecting indigenous peoples.

“I am seeking the company’s assistance to provide our office with one free channel which will show indigenous entertainment, including live and recorded talk shows, short films, public information, indigenous projects for kids, fiestas, community events and many more,” he said.

He said the IAO will coordinate and edit all programs which will be G-rated. “We hope to promote most programs in Chamorro and Carolinian with English subtitles.”

He added, “I think it will open many opportunities to young Chamorro and Carolinians if we have a channel exclusively airing shows relating to local culture, tradition and lifestyle.”