CHCC, TakeCare reach agreement

THE Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. has resumed providing health services to TakeCare members, one month after the hospital severed its ties with the carrier as a result of dispute over payment reimbursements, CHCC Chief Executive Muna said.

“TakeCare and the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. have reached an agreement identifying CHCC as an in-network participating provider, which will allow TakeCare members continued access to services at CHCC. In addition, all CHCC historical claims have been paid,” TakeCare marketing and communications specialist Kyla Marie Aquino said in a statement to the media on Thursday.

Muna, in an interview, confirmed that the hospital received a significant settlement, but she declined to disclose the amount paid by the insurance company.

“By going to a network provider [like CHCC], [TakeCare] members can be assured that their insurance plan can pay for the service benefits provided by the network provider,” Muna said. “CHCC, upon determining eligibility, will bill the insurance provider instead of the patient for the services covered by the provider.”

She said “this new arrangement allows CHCC to sustainably continue doing what we have always done: provide the best possible care for TakeCare members in the CNMI,” adding that “it’s a demonstration of our shared commitment to ensuring that the highest quality of care is accessible and affordable to TakeCare members.”

TakeCare president Jeff Larsen said the company is pleased that its members now have clarity on the network status of CHCC and can continue to see their doctors.

“Throughout this process, TakeCare stressed the importance of payers and providers working together to improve the delivery and financing of health care in the CNMI,” he said. “CHCC is an essential partner in this work, specifically our commitment to health and access to quality care in the region.”

According to the insurance company, “TakeCare and CHCC thank the community for their patience, advocacy and support during this negotiation. Looking forward, TakeCare and CHCC have agreed work on a contract that will solidify the relationship between the two parties.”