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Tenorio shoots eagle to win Amigos Ace of Aces crown

AFTER a sluggish front nine where he shot a 3-over, Peter “Dung” Tenorio soared in the back nine with an eagle to win the 2017 Amigos Golf Club Saipan’s Ace of Aces tournament at the Kingfisher Golf Links on Sunday.

Among the youngest golfers in the group, Tenorio now had his name marked in the Ace of Aces perpetual trophy joining Ben Jones Sr., who holds the 2016 title; Joe Tudela, 2015; Joe Sablan Jr., 2014; 2011, 2010 and 2007; Dolores Yamagishi, 2013; Sherlyn Jones, 2012; Lorraine Babauta, 2009; Terry Tudela, 2008; Dave Muna, 2006 and Terry J. Attao, 2005.

Peter “Dung” Tenorio chips in on Hole No. 3 of Kingfisher Golf Links on Sunday in the 2017 Amigos Golf Club Saipan’s Ace of Aces tournament.  Photo by Emmanuel T. EredianoPeter “Dung” Tenorio chips in on Hole No. 3 of Kingfisher Golf Links on Sunday in the 2017 Amigos Golf Club Saipan’s Ace of Aces tournament. Photo by Emmanuel T. Erediano

Tenorio was having a good start in the hilly fairways until he got stranded in the par 4 Hole No. 5 where he had three extra strokes. He recovered in the next hole, a par 3, sinking a birdie to regain his pace, despite bogeys in two straight holes to end the front nine with a 42.

Heading in, Manglona was leading the tournament by six strokes until No. 17 where he shot a 6-over par giving it away to Tenorio.

At the end of the day, Tenorio who maintained a good game shooting at par three holes in a row emerged victorious.

He got more than he expected.

On par 5 Hole No. 13, his tee soared through half of the 500-yard fairway allowing him a perfect approach to the green, then, went on with just two more strokes, and he’s done.

He went ahead smoothly in the succeeding holes except on No. 18 where he double-bogeyed.

Nevertheless, he shot the lowest gross in that round, a 37, to secure annual ace title, with a 72 on that day, and a 144 two-day gross.

The club’s president, Ed Manglona took the lowest net ace of the month title with a two day score of 132.

On Sunday, he birdied in Hole No. 5 to finish the front nine with a 39.

Also receiving awards were 2017 none ace winners.

Ben Jones Sr. and Danny Quitugua were tied at 150 but the first place seat went to Jones Sr. on a scorecard playoff. It was a same case with Sylvio Ada and Jonathan Tenorio who tied at 160 in a race for the third place.

Ada got the third place and Tenorio settled for the fourth, also on a scorecard playoff.

The other player who did well on Sunday was Manny Tenorio who shot nearest to the pin in Hole No. 12. Tenorio shot nearest to the pin in No. 6; Jones Sr. in No. 8 and Manglona in Ho. 15.

Tenorio shot the most accurate drive in No. 13 and earned the most birdies, with three.

Among the 15 and below handicap bearers, Joe Sablan Jr. shot the most pars with nine, and Jonathan Tenorio had six for the most pars among 16-and-up strokes handicap bearers.

On Day 1, Joe Tudela shot nearest to the flag in Hole No. 6; Manglona in Hole No. 8 and Jones Sr. in No. 12 and No. 15.

Joe Sablan Jr.; and Dung Tenorio had two birdies to get awarded the most.

Ben Jones Sr. had the most at par shots, with 11, among 15 below handicap bearers and Manny Tenorio, five among 16 and up.

Joe Sablan Jr. had the least putt on Day1, with only 25 while Rudy Sablan won the lowest putt on Sunday with 26 putts.

Jonathan Tenorio won the accurate drive on No. 1. And Danny Quitugua won it on No. 13.