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Alvarez, 9 others promoted in BJJ

CUKI Alaverz and nine other local martial arts fighters reached new milestones in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu during a belt promotion under the wings of Purebred BJJ Guam’s Professor Steve Roberto last Friday at the Trench Tech gym.

Alvarez and Trench Tech held a seminar with Professor Roberto sharing his knowledge amongst the students. He showcased basic moves but focused on how the students transitioned between moves.

The BJJ students along with Professor Steve Roberto pose with their new belts during last Friday’s BJJ seminar at the Trench Tech Gym.  Photo by James F. Sablan Jr.The BJJ students along with Professor Steve Roberto pose with their new belts during last Friday’s BJJ seminar at the Trench Tech Gym. Photo by James F. Sablan Jr.

After seeing how well all students moved and learned from his teaching, that’s when he decided who will get the belt promotions.

Starting off the ceremony were three individuals that got promoted from stripes. These students’ strides were noticed for their great improvement over a short period of time but still have much to work with.

Erin Dean, TT’s oldest practitioner at 67-years-old, deserved the stripe for his perfect attendance and enthusiasm.

Byron Fujihira, a veteran of the Art of War, transitioned to Gi taking four classes showing a significant of improvement, joined the stripes along with Sharon Paek, the only girl to get promoted for her consistency and advancement in learning.

Three others were promoted from white belt to blue belt. Giovanni Taitingfong, a very experienced fighter in MMA, had three stripes on his white belt and was long overdue for his promotion. Paulo Sangalang has been a white belt for years and just needed a professor to promote him.

Jeff Garcia shared similar story training with TT for two years showing a lot of improvement leaning towards his blue belt promotion.

Three more individuals were promoted from blue belt to purple belt. Three year blue belt Shane Alvarez, Vince Masga and Ken Tanzawa, have been honored with the purple belt promotion for their consistency training two to three times every day.

“Another reason why the promotees deserved their promotions is because their skill set improved a lot from when they first started. We spar and roll a lot with each other and they apply a lot of the techniques learned and their level is always advancing,” Cuki Alvarez said.

“I know this because I roll with them every day and we also have a black belt in Clinton Dela Cruz who also has been teaching us some effective techniques the past three months,” he added.

But it was Cuki Alvarez himself that stole the spotlight as he had the lone promotion to brown belt.

Alvarez had the purple belt for two and a half years and was surprised to receive the recognition.

“I feel very humbled. It was actually quite a surprise but I was honored. Now it is time to move onward and upward. The ultimate goal is to get a black belt, that way you’ll have the true credentials to run a full blown BJJ academy,” Alvarez said.

“I put this whole promotion ceremony together really just for my students because they were showing a lot of dedication and hard work,” Alvarez said.

“My goal as an instructor is just two build, grow and share the sport; give back to the community as it is for men, women and children. It is a great workout,” he added.

Another extra was added for the promotees as they had to go through the gauntlet which was sacred rites of passage. You just have to train at TT to find out what the gauntlet is.