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Gold’s Gym’s ‘Total Body Transformation’ challenge draws 30 participants

THE New Year kicks off with Gold’s Gym and its annual “Total Body Transformation” that put challengers to test in a 12-week fitness regime.

So far, over 30 participants have entered with many more to come as registration is still ongoing until the end of January.

The goal stays the same, but it’s the “getting there.” It brings the uniqueness and diversity of this competition where contestants find their strengths and weaknesses throughout the challenge, and most of all meeting those goals.

“Why I started the Gold’s Gym Challenge is to overall enhance my life not just fitness but how I discipline myself throughout the journey and staying consistent in being active. People say you will need to ‘Live a healthy and active lifestyle’ but this has many different views on what it really means. What inspired me to take on the Gold’s Gym Challenge is because I wanted to better myself not only in losing weight but to challenge myself to improve as a person. The challenge showed the commitment, discipline, passion, effort, hard work, and motivation I’ve endured throughout my journey. Success throughout the challenge for me is feeling better each and every day, waking up in the morning knowing I can still improve in my career, relationships, and overall health. My goal right now is to help people know that they can change and improve their lives when they want to. The only person that can control how you feel every day and how you take on your life is yourself Thank you,” a very inspiring message from last year’s Gold’s Gym overall winner James Delacruz.

The goal for this year is simply to master discipline; make sacrifices, and be the motivation to help find and have a profound impact on one’s own life which   can lead to inspire others as well. 

Sign up now before the deadline and join in on the journey to fitness as certified trainers will be there to guide you through and help you meet your goals, with a new class “boot camp” that will be held every Saturday afternoon dedicated only to the event.