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Built to Last

THE stone has been lifted and the race has begun as Latte-Built 24Hrs sets the New Year with its 3rd annual “Body Fat-Loss Challenge.”

With over 30 contestants (most ranging from ages 20-35) the stakes are high as only one can be crowned as this year’s overall champion for the events 12-Week challenge.

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Coach Donivan Mendiola assists a participant in the training.  Photo by Stalin R. Iderbei Coach Donivan Mendiola assists a participant in the training. Photo by Stalin R. Iderbei

Registration is still ongoing with an additional late fee charged to those who are still interested, but no money can buy realistic and promising results as the facility offers one on one training sessions that will help you meet and if not, surpass your goals.

Join these trainers as they guide you through the fitness challenge: Barbell Club with Coach Joey Tudela, Boot camp with Coach Tania Fleming, Cardio Kickboxing with Coach Donivan Mendiola, Hot Hula with Coach Dee Clayton and Metcon Mayhem with Coach James Lee.

No refund means no turning back as a cash prize will be pooled in leading to spectacular prizes that surely can’t be missed.

This year’s challenges will either “make you or break you” says one of the contestants.

Coach Donivan Mendiola is one of Latte-Built’s finest and most reliable trainers the facility has to offer, as being a renowned athlete himself in power-lifting, cross-country, basketball and Track-N-Field, Mendiola states that “I would like to see this year’s contestants give it their all, by committing to the program and by working hard to shed that extra weight and meet those long aspired goals and not to mention, become this year’s top contender.”

Since its first Launch back in April 2015, Latte-Built has drawn in more clients from athletes to fitness fanatics to bodybuilders and those who just simply make it a lifestyle. There is no doubt that health and fitness is on the rise all thanks to reliable facilities such as Latte-Built and many more that makes it their ultimate goal simply just to help you live and maintain a fit and healthy life.

“I would like to thank the staff and trainers for being dedicated to helping and teaching others on how to live a healthy and fit Lifestyle, said fitness expert and Nutritionist, and proud owner of Latte-Built 24Hrs, Derek Cutting.