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Mendiola is Latte-Built’s classic contender

AT the age of 23, a professional trainer of choice at Latte-Built 24Hrs, with over 15 medals and trophies combined, Donivan Mendiola continues to excel in the sport of Bodybuilding.

Two years in the making through hard work and commitment and recently engaged to his loving fiancée Jarene Pinaula, the pro athlete sets to prepare for the upcoming Micro-Games that will be held in Yap during the blazing summer.

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Donivan Mendiola at the Dee Clayton championships with his family placing first.  Contributed photoDonivan Mendiola at the Dee Clayton championships with his family placing first. Contributed photo

“It started out at Gold’s gym, just training with a friend of mine who is now a personal trainer himself at Gold’s Gym, Aaron Tomokane, where I was introduced to power-lifting, and the more I see results, the more impressed I was with myself which gave me the sheer confidence to try out for bodybuilding,” Mendiola said adding that that’s when he saw the career fit for himself.

In 2015, Mendiola met up with fitness expert and nutritionist Derrek Cutting where the two would train vigorously on days end for bodybuilding competitions.

So far, Mendiola has competed in a total of fvie competitions held off-island with his first competition in Papua New Guinea’s South Pacific Games and both times for Guam’s Michelbob Ultra Bodybuilding Championships (placing third in Oct, 2016 and reigning first in Nov, 2017) Mendiola later sets off to compete in Hawaii’s Ikaika Classic in June, 2017 and the Shawn Ray Classic in November placing third for both competitions; a triumphant feat for a new comer.

“After competing in SPG, I decided to switch up my whole training regiment, for the competition was on a whole new level that just changed my perception and views on what bodybuilding really meant. The magnitude and level of experience gave me the mind set to push further and excel, so I continue on to work with Coach Derek Cutting at Latte-Built 24Hrs where I soon became ‘The’ athlete for Latte-Built where I would be on major advertisements dedicated to promoting the facility on island,” said Mendiola.

As the pendulum of time swings closer to this year’s Micro-Games, Mendiola continues to make effort on training himself and committing to his workout and Nutrition program, all while coaching his clients in the gym and building a firm bond with them through hard training and dedication.

“Everyone should take nutrition and fitness on a serious level; I feel that staying healthy is a priority in everyone’s life whether you’re a competitor or not so that you’ll have better chances at living longer, being healthier, and feeling better; not to mention looking better in the mirror,” he said.

Mendiola is humbled with all his achievements so far, but continues to carry on the torch to reach his ultimate goal in becoming the island’s first ever IFBB Pro.

“Shout out to Latte-Built Gym; Coach Derek Cutting, and to my loving Family and great friends for all the support, and for believing in me since I started this path,” he said.