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A family’s love for sports

CATHERINE Attao and Mark Santos Toves is a pair of athletic parents who have always made time for sports even while building a family of five. They, too, join their healthy lifestyle growing up.

Catherine, Vice President Corporate Affairs/Corporate HK, Tan Holdings and husband Mark who is a K9 Supervisor Commonwealth Ports Authority Police Department shared their love for sports with their kids Joseph, Markel, Theresa, Merrick, Markus and godson Raymond Mercado, and continue to play till this day joining several local leagues and tournaments.

“Growing up, we were both athletes. We played in several different sports to stay in shape,” Catherine told Variety in an interview.

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Catherine Attao and Mark Toves pose with their children.  Contributed photoCatherine Attao and Mark Toves pose with their children. Contributed photo

Mark played in baseball, softball, fast-pitch softball, and basketball while she showed interest in basketball volleyball and softball.

“So making the time to play was never the issue and we always looked forward to any opportunity to play,” Catherine said.

Both of them started playing sports at an early age and having to grow up with family members who watch and play sports was a plus. Mark started at the age of eight playing T-Ball in Los Angeles, California at Culver Marina Little League 1982, and his passion was fueled from there. Catherine followed her older sister Kris’ footsteps coached by her father.

However, when they started to have children their priorities had to change.

“Our lives are no longer about ‘us’, our lives are about our children and trying to be the biggest supporters of our children,” said the mother of five.

Their time to play sports were diminished and eventually faded away.

As years past the kids started to show signs of interest in sports. It started off with the eldest son Joseph player soccer and little league baseball which was the spark needed to get back the parents back in the game. “I would think that was our kind of ‘green light of encouragement’ to return to the gym/field and start getting back into sports. As their children got older they looked for ways in which they could support and give back to the team/club/school that they would be involved with.

“Because we value this time with our children, we just do our best to make it work! There is really no exception,” she said.

Another bonus to having a sporty family is being able to watch their kids grow up doing the things they loved.

“The benefit of our children playing sports is to watch them grow as athletes-mentally and physically. To watch them develop and conquer the mole hills that were once mountains for them and witnessing their accomplishments is the highlight of our day,” Catherine explained.

Just watching their kids overcome their frustrations and fear is amazing enough for mom and dad.

“As parents it is our obligation and priority to see our children either win or lose a game and guide them to understand each games determination of the outcome,” she added.

“Learn to fail and how to win with the dignity to teach and providing them with the understanding most of about themselves to give support to their teammates of sportsmanship and positive attitude — being humble,” she added.

Currently, Catherine plays in the Tan Holdings Intercompany Volleyball leagues (Co-Ed and womens) and is a goal keeper for Kanoa’s Women’s Master Soccer Team. Mark plays shortstop for the Boleros Masters Baseball team that wen undefeated, season pennant champs, Team Jets Saipan Major League and is also a goal keeper for the Shirley’s Men’s B Soccer League.