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Sanchez keeps it simple but stays on the grind

A HUMBLED fellow with an outgoing attitude and works well with colleagues at Latte-Built 24Hrs, Lorenzo Sanchez continues to pursue his path in health and fitness for which he is currently working to become a certified personal trainer.

“I was diagnosed with asthma as a child where it became difficult for me to do many physical activities that require a lot of running and heavy lifting. But during my middle-school years, I decided to push myself and break through my limits and that I did. This not only helped me become stronger and physically active, it somewhat got rid of my asthma; till this day I experience no symptom(s) of this deadly condition whatsoever,” Sanchez said.

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Lorenzo SanchezLorenzo Sanchez

Sanchez had his first debut as a professional athlete back in 2016 when he competed in the Dee Clayton Classic’s “Men’s Physique” category and won first place in the “short men class” on Saipan. He continued to train even harder after having a taste of victory.

“I was hesitant at first, but my friends continued to encourage and persuade me to enter in a bodybuilding competition, so I kept training hard just committing myself in the gym and through that I saw promising results which made me more confident to participate, and more determined to win,” he said.

Sanchez is currently working on building muscle mass as he undergoes a caloric surplus diet combined with a strict training regiment with Coach Derek Cutting and Donivan Mendiola in preparation for this year’s events, the first competition on Guam sometime in March and the second on Saipan sometime in October.

“I get advice from Coaches Derek and Donivan on training and diet tips which has helped me so much on my journey and helped me surpass my plateau,” he said.

A rough start for this young athlete, but commitment becomes key when it’s time to rise and shine through the dark times where even on days when motivation is lost, the will does not abandon.

“Stay humble, be the inspiration, strive for success, fight for what’s yours, and achieve the impossible,” said Sanchez.