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Mafia nips debut win in SEDA Dart League A Division

THE 6JMS Mafia is off to a strong start in the new season of the 2018 SEDA Bud Light Dart League A Division as they gathered their first win over the 6JMS Predators, 11-6 last Monday at the 6JMS Sports Bar.

Mafia had a run for their money as the Predators played tough staying side by side.

6JMS Mafia I players pose after gaining their first victory during last Monday’s game of the 2018 SEDA Bud Light Dart League A Division at 6JMS Sports Bar.  Contributed photo

Alfred and Jess opened up for Mafia grabbing the first two wins of the Singles Regular Cricket match but were evened out by Eric and Joel to tie the game 2-2.

After splitting the following Partners 701 match, Mafia managed to gain control thank to the individual performances of Joker, Frenny and Jess clipping a 3-1 run 6-4.

Predators’ Eric and Ben tried to cut down the deficit taking the first round of the Partners Crazy Cricket match but the rest of the team failed to keep up losing the much needed second round.

With the Mafia in the comfortable lead, they never looked back as they pulled another 3-1 run and followed up with the single win in the final Team 1011 match to secure the win 11-6.

The 6JMS Striker Destroyers made it to the winning column as well defeating the Franken Drunken Warriors 10-7.

The Destroyers were just on a roll as they lost only two rounds out of the first three matches to take control 8-2.

The Drunken Warriors tried to bounce back as they started with a 2-win sweep during the Partners Crazy Cricket match but could not maintain momentum splitting the next Singles 501 match to call it quits 10-7.

Amari’s Gunners shared a similar story triumphing against 6JMS Scorpions 10-7 along with 6JMS Terminator beating 6JMS 101 Proofers 10-7.

Jonny’s Roil Soil sits at the top of the ladder with Mafia as they downed Naked Fish Ridin’ Darrty 11-6.