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Marianas Basketball begins selection of players for Micro Games

THE Mariana Islands Basketball Federation has started the selection of players for men and women teams that will participate in the Micronesian Games that Yap is hosting from July 15 to 27.

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Irish PagaraoIrish Pagarao Preston BasaPreston Basa
The first cut of pick lists which includes a handful of off-island players was made following the tryouts conducted earlier this month by MIBF also known as Marianas Basketball.

Marianas Basketball development officer, Elias Rangamar also announced that the first practice for both national squads is on Saturday, Feb, 28 at the Gilbert C. Ada Gymnasium.

The women’s national team practice will be from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. while the men’s national team practice will be from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Rangamar said 30 players including five from Rota, showed up for the tryouts for men’s team.

The final selection for 12-man roster will be made on March 23.

Included in the first cut for women’s national team are Cassandra Camacho, Irish Pagarao, Eilena Santos, Annalei Santos, Alliyah Fernandez, Tazna Deleon Guerrero, Connie Camacho, Liamwar Rangamar, Madeleine Alegre, Desrei Camacho, Halle Kenty and Jacque Wonenberg.

The off-island picks are Jamie Mendoza, Rachel Abrams, Glorily Williams, Teresita Sablan, Ira Palero, Jan-Asia Travilla and Mary Javier.

The initial list for men’s national team includes Prince Factor, Dean Blake, Coby Santos, Cheonsu Kim, Douglas Schmidt Jr., Jeff Deleon Guerrero, Kelvin Fitial, Preston Basa, Sean Rabasto, Ben Lisua, Jack Aranda, Marvin Rabauliman, Aiferson Atan, Jack Lizama Jr., Dan Andro Barcinas, Gino Libuw and off-island pick, Christian Mizer.