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CK Bears stay strong vs. Falcons

THE CK Bears closed the first round of the Saipan Baseball League’s regular season with a slim win over the Falcons on Tuesday at the Francisco Tanko Palacios Baseball Field.

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CK Bears Henry Lizama swings during the Saipan Baseball League regular season game at the Francisco Tanko Palacios Baseball Field.  Photo by Emmanuel T. Erediano

The Bears who share the top seat with GSM endured four straight runless innings in the hands of Falcons starting pitcher Frankie Lieto who had 10 strike outs in the game.

The Bears went lucky in the bottom of the fifth when left fielder Ben Flores hit the only single and the an unearned run in the inning, then, fired his second base hit in the sixth for an RBI to hand the Bears the lead.

The Falcons took the upper hand in the top of the seventh inning with Henry Iguel blasting a two-run single and right fielder, Peter Lieto chipped in an RBI single.

After two straight runless innings, the Bears woke up with back-to-back base hits centerfielder Henry Lizama handing the Bears a one-run victory with an RBI single, 5-4.