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Naked Fish keeps second seat in SEDA A Division

NAKED Fish Ridin’ Darrty continued to hold the second place in the A Division of the 2018 SEDA Bud Light Dart League as they earned their 101st win during last Monday’s game against Jonny’s Roil Soil 13-4 held at Naked Fish.

Ridin’ Darrty were nearly unstoppable as they quickly gained a 3-1 lead after the opening Singles Regular Cricket match.

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Naked Fish Ridin’ Darrty poses after their win during last Monday’s game of the 2018 SEDA Bud Light Dart League A Division at Naked Fish.  Contributed photo

They prolonged their front seat pass as they swept the following Partners 701 match and a 3-1 run during the Singles Half-It match to stretch the gap 8-2.

Roil Soil could not escape the inevitable defeat but did managed to steal two more wins at the Partners Crazy Cricket and Singles 501 match before going down 13-4.

The 6JMS Terminators slipped away with the win to join the club upsetting the 6JMS 101 Proofers 9-8.

The Terminators played strong started off with a 3-1 run at the opening match. 101 Proofers answered back with a 2-win sweep at the Partners 701 match to tie the game but quickly lost grip as Terminators pulled another 3-1 run to hold control 6-4.

The 101 Proofers tied the game once again sweeping the Partners Crazy Cricket forcing the game down to the final match. Despite 101 Proofers’ efforts, the Terminators Roland, Rick, Raymond and Chris combined strengths to outscore the 101 Proofers securing the win 9-8.

The Amari’s Gunners made another upset victory over the 6JMS Scorpions 9-8. Nearly each match was split evenly but the Gunners pulled through at the winner-takes-all match to triumph.

The 6JMS Predators’ victory was another highlight of the night as they stunned the 6JMS Mafia I 9-8.

The 6JMS Striker Destroyers had an easier matchup taking down the Franken Drunken Warriors 14-3.