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Anthony Camacho-Deleon Guerrero is ready for Micro Games

ANTHONY Jacob “Jakey” Camacho-Deleon Guerrero will be one of the youngest NMI athletes that will compete in the Micronesian Games 2018 that will be held in Yap on July 15 to 27.

Anthony Jacob “Jakey” Camacho-Deleon Guerrero

The young athlete will go to Yap with confidence as he is focused on becoming better with every competition.

“My main goal is to challenge myself and see how much better I’ve become,” stated the Camacho-Deleon Guerrero.

“I feel that I will do my best in Yap, I will experience a new culture that I haven’t before,” he added.

Anthony has been swimming for 8 years and has swam in competitions off island such as  the Tokyo Junior Sprint, Guam Championships, and a competition in Taiwan claiming first, second and third place medals. He also bagged two out of his three personal best times during the recent Saipan Swim Club meet.

Although he thinks his competition will look down on him because of his age, he thinks that he will surprise and impress the spectators.

He has been going to practice in the morning from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. at the Oleai beach.

They train by swimming around the tank starting off with two to eight laps swimming a distance of about 10k.

“It’s a hard training focused on endurance longer and going the distance,” shared the young swimmer.

Camacho-Deleon Guerrero will be representing CNMI in the sport of swimming with Saipan Swim Club and Tsunami alongside two other 12 year-old teammates Taiyo Akimaru, Jinnosuke Suzuki, 13 year-old Juhn Tenorio, 14 year-olds Nelson Batallones, Lennosuke Suzuki and Sophia Gauran, 17 year-olds David Boyer, Kento Akimaru and 21-year old Kiana Villagomez who are coached by Jacoby Winkfield and Ed Johnson.

“I would like to thank my coach for helping with this, my parents, Alfreda Camacho, Audie Maritita.”