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Trench Tech holds 4-day MMA seminar at NMC summer camp

TRENCH Tech and Cuki Alvarez have been holding a four-day seminar at the Northern Marianas College for its PSS-CTE “Fun in the Sun” Summer Camp 2018 held at the NMC campus.

NMC-Community Development Institute, in partnership with the PSS Career Technical Education program is currently facilitating a four-week summer camp that started on June 26 and will conclude on July 20 for 30 students from Tanapag Middle School. They are offering a variety of activities and wanted to included a component of Martial Arts into their program in hopes to speak with the students as well as demonstrate a couple of techniques of the art.

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Cuki Alvarez, middle, poses with the 10 students of Group A during last Tuesday’s MMA seminar of the PSS-CTE “Fun in the Sun” Summer Camp 2018 at the NMC campus.  Contributed photo

Trench Tech started their Mixed Martial Arts seminar at July 10th and will end today working on the kids with a healthy activity to take part in as well as educate them about Mixed Martial Arts and encourage, praise and help inspire them to excel in their lives and in whatever they choose to be.

For the past three days 10 students have participated in the events with Cuki Alvarez instructing day one and two while Mark “The Dark” Nuique, one of the senior students and pro MMA Fighter handled last Wednesday’s session.

“The kids had an absolute BLAST! And they were really pro active and genuinely interested and very excited in learning all the basic and intro techniques that we taught them,” Alvarez said in an interview with Variety.

“I feel it will probably be their most favorite class of the whole Summer Camp,” he added.

Shane “Pikaboo” Alvarez handled yesterday’s session while Vince “The Clinch” Masga will conclude Friday’s classes which will consist of the Group B kids.

“It is always our mission and goal at Trench Tech to educate people and the community on the safeties of MMA and the reasons why we do MMA in the Marianas,” Alvarez said.

“Our motto is ‘We Create Friendship Through Fighting’. We want the people to see that we aren’t just a bunch of tough guy hooligans looking to beat people up. In fact, we are professional athletes who can be great role models to young aspiring kids who may want to choose MMA as a career,” the Trench Tech owner added.

They also emphasize the health benefits of their Boxersize and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu programs that they offer at Trench Tech.

“Whenever we are invited to conduct community activities and services such as this, our main focus is to teach, motivate, inspire, praise and encourage everyone to keep striving to accomplish great things in their lives through the use of Martial Arts”

Trench Tech has been proudly taking part in many community events and activities over the years. “We are always humbled and grateful whenever we are invited to take part in helping make a difference in people’s lives, especially for children and students.”