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Saipan’s Team 10-7 brings in the heaviest catch in Saipan International derby

CAPTAIN Alvin Iglesias and his Team 10-7 broke a five-year record, officially, with their 445-pound marlin taking the 34th Annual Saipan International Fishing Tournament title.

Norman Tenorio’s team that brought ashore a 492-pounder could have won this year’s crown only if they made it back on time. Their boat came in to the Smiling Cove Marina about 30 minutes after the 6 p.m. deadline.

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Members of the Team 10-7 and their families pose with their 445-pound of marlin at the Smiling Cove Marina after returning to shore at around 9:30 a.m. during the 34th Annual Saipan International Fishing Tournament.  Photo by Floyd Masga

Their catch also came eight- pound short of winning the $5,000 bounty for whoever catches 500 pounds or more.

But Iglesias, along with his anglers, Keith Torres, Phil Babauta, CJ Echalico and John Jemen who knew where to go came back with the biggest haul at the time, too early in the day.

After the 6 p.m. launched, Boat 10-7 emerged in the horizon facing Marina Cove, at around 9:30 a.m., and posted the heaviest catch so far.

Bringing home a good catch early in the day has something to do with the tide of a given time of the day, said Saipan Fishermen’s Association President Gene Weaver.

“It is based on the tide. If you noticed how low the tide is right now, it is going the morning tide, and it is ideal for a lot of these catches. As the tide gets slower, the harder it is to catch the fish,” he said.

But Alvin Iglesias is a good captain, he said.

“He knows the spots as he has been fishing for a living basically. He know where to find those areas, that is why when he left here, he went straight to that area and didn’t even dropped the line until he got there,” he said.

Bringing in the second heaviest catch in the bill fish category was Team Kingfisher who caught a 379-pounder, and Team O’ Dear came third with a 334-pound marlin.

Team Victoria led by former Lt. Gov. Diego T. Benavente returned with 302 pounds to take the fourth place, and Guam’s Blu By U came in with a 255 pounds to settle for the fifth place.

Debbie 1 caught a 189-8 pounds for the sixth place and Team Olei, 117-pounder for the seventh place.

Last year’s heaviest bill fish was a 384-pounder caught by Guam’s Debbie 1.

The record 942 pounder caught by Team Emmanuel in 2012 remains unbroken. 

In the yellow fin tuna category, O’ Dear brought in the heaviest haul—a 57-pounder. Olei came second with a 55-8 and St. Jude, third for a 54.8.

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The team of Norman Tenorio is joined by family as they pose with the 492-pound marlin during the 34th Annual Saipan International Fishing Tournament.  Photo by Emmanuel T. Erediano

Bringing ashore the heaviest wahoo was Team Bella who caught a 26.3 pounder, Sweet Candy second with a 23.9 and Knot-On-Call, third for a 23.2.

In the skip back tune category, Padre De Familia’s Calistro Reyes, Calistro Jr., Abraham Reyes, Roland Tudela, Jack Kileleman, Herbert Espayos, Jason Guerrero, Antonio and Wayne brought home a 16.6 pounder to win the first place.

Keilani-Ko caught a 15-2 pound of skip jack to win the second place and St. Jude 14.4 for the third place.

Weaver said that of the around 70 boats that joined this year’s derby, 20 teams were from Guam, a record participation from the neighboring island.

The Saipan Fisherman’s Association would like to thank the following sponsors: DFS T-Galleria, Fishing Tackle & Sporting Goods, Hyatt Regency Saipan, Cola-Cola and Foremost, Pacific Islands Club, Seafix, The Marianas Visitor Authority, Fiesta Resort & Spa, Pacific Insurance, Pacific Basis Insurance Company, Marianas Coffee, Haw’n Rock Products Corp., JEM, Micronesian Mariner, Matson, YCO Corp., Triple B Forwarders, Herman’s Bakery, Horizontal Group, JWS, Star Marianas, Cargo Express, Inc., J’s Restaurant, Hawaiian Sealures, Safety 1st Systems, Sea Touch, The Shack, Hitman’s Bait & Tackle, Kautz Glass, SP Dancoe & Associates, Yangze Corp., MLS and GR. Construction Company.