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Down but not out

THE NMI Men’s National Volleyball Team made their way to Yap to compete in the 2018 Micronesian Games and returned satisfied despite not earning any medals.

“The men’s volleyball competition in Yap for the Micro Games was intense,” said coach Nick Gross in an interview with Variety.

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Team NMI players gather to set up a play.  Contributed photo

“Our young, developing team saw first-hand what we need to do to become competitive in Micronesian volleyball,” he added.

The team, he said was young and only had a few veterans but that did not stop them from putting up a fight.

Team NMI did not gain any win in the 8-day event but gave a few good scares along the way, Gross said.

They managed to shake host Yap down in one set winning 25-23 during their meet up “although the end result did not include any match wins, we did accomplish what we set out to do: Earn points and win a set,” said Gross.

The match format for the games was based on the best of 5, or first team to win three sets.

“With the exception of the host Yap, we were unable to force a fourth set with any of the remaining teams,” he said.

Despite a winless record the NMI Team did gathered experience and much more.

“From the developmental side of things we had moments of great volleyball but were unable to string enough ‘moments’ together to win any other sets throughout the tournament.”

“All of the 11 members of the team saw playing time throughout the tournament and now know what we need to do to elevate our game,” Gross said.

Their experience in Yap did not go to waste as they are now hungrier after getting a taste of what the games are like.

“Time will tell if we are able to make the appropriate changes to make us a more competitive team.  Hopefully, these games will reinvigorate volleyball enthusiasts throughout the CNMI, for both the men’s and women’s divisions as we will be hosting the next big challenge, the Pacific Mini Games in June of 2021,” he said.