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Titans top Homeboyz in SBA Thursday League

THE 9Eleven Titans hanged on to the third place as they came out victorious against the Amari’s IT&E Homeboyz 8-5 keeping them one step ahead with 173 wins during last Thursday’s game of the 2018 SBA Budweiser Open 8-Ball Thursday League at Amari’s Tavern.

The Titans played aggressive right from the start as Ray, Randy and Joey displayed their dominance on the one-on-one exchange snatching three out of the four rounds of the opening Singles 8-Ball match.

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9Eleven Titans’ Ray “Stingray” Matsunaga lines up a shot during last Thursday’s game of the 2018 SBA Budweiser Open 8-Ball Thursday League at Amari’s Tavern.  Contributed photo

With the Titans in control, they had all the time to focus on defense.

The Homeboyz tried to answer back but could not keep up. Roman and Jeff teamed up to swipe a win at the following Partners 8-Ball match but were evened out by the Titans’ Randy and Ray taking the remaining round to stay in front.

No matter what the Homeboyz threw at them, the Titans had an answer on the other end splitting the next two matches and then followed up grasping the final Partners 8-Ball match to bag the win 8-5.

The 9Eleven MJD Warriors joined in the winner’s circle as they improved their record to 186 with the win over Sands Team SCS 8-5.

SCS powered through the Singles 8-Ball match with ease pulling a 4-win sweep for the 4-0 lead. However the MJD Warriors were quick to get back on their feet as they retaliated with a sweep of their own to cut the deficit 2-4. They kept their momentum burning as Jerry, Cecilio and Oliver carried on with a 3-1 run to tie the game 5-5.

Their comeback fired up the rest of the team as they combined strengths claiming the last two-partner matches to secure the win 8-5.

The Brannon’s Jam Shooters also joined the celebration with the win against the VFW Assassins 10-3 along with top team 9Eleven 8 Black Ball nearly silencing Amari’s Intensity 8 11-2.