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Cutting eyeing title Shawn Ray Hawaiian Classic

DEREK Cutting, owner of Latte Built 24hr Fitness gym, will make a return to the competitive lifestyle.

He will join the Shawn Ray’s Hawaiian Classic National Qualifier to be held on Nov. 10 in Hawaii.

The last time Cutting competed in a bodybuilding event was April of 2014 before moving to Saipan where he took silver in the show against 17 competitors in his weight class.

But for the past three years, he and wife Tania Cutting have been busy building Latte Built 24hr Fitness gym along with raising their son Makai who is now two and a half years old.

Now with more time on his hands, Cutting has a chance to jump back into the action once again.

“I finally have a little breathing room and honestly I just miss the grueling training leading up to the final game day of the stage performance,” Cutting said in an interview with Variety.

He has supported a handful of athletes over the years such as Donivan Mendiola and Anna Manibusan who both placed well in Saipan and Guam competitions and seeing them grow was more than enough motivation to get taste of the competition himself.

“I trained them for months leading up to the competition day, then back stage applying their tan and getting them ‘prepped’ just isn’t the same as getting prepped yourself. I miss the excitement and the drastic transformation I force my mind and body through!” said Cutting.

Cutting has been working on his body a lot more frequently this time around making this his longest prep yet by far.

Derek Cutting, third from left, strikes a pose during the 2015 Guam Bodybuilding Championship in Guam.  Contributed photoDerek Cutting, third from left, strikes a pose during the 2015 Guam Bodybuilding Championship in Guam. Contributed photo

“Normally, I give myself 16-20 weeks out from the show to dial it in and drop body fat down to low single digits. This time I started at 46 weeks out from the Show date! After taking 2 years off, I needed to rebuild all that I had lost when I was not consistently training and eating like before,” he said.

But this time around he wanted to change gears a bit and pursue a new division. In the past Cutting has always competed as a middleweight or light heavyweight, however he will be joining the Classic Physique division.

“Think back to the Golden Era of bodybuilding in the 1970’s; Arnold, Frank Zane, Lou Ferrigno. These guys were not overly big, but rather symmetrical, highly defined, and well conditioned. For Classic Physique, I cannot surpass 190 lbs for my 5’8” height.” Cutting included.

He has been working on full body conditioning but also brining up certain body parts that feel he needs improvement in such as the quads, hamstrings and glutes. He has also been concentrating on building larger delts, chest and back with a narrower waist by practicing the vacuum every day alogn with more on symmetry and an overall aesthetic look.

Although Cutting has been working hard, he is not afraid to show that he is human too.

“Of course I get tired, and honestly I have many days where I just want to go back to bed. However when something like competitive bodybuilding is your passion there are no ‘off’ days or ‘rain check’ days. That’s when self-discipline comes into play. This is an extremely demanding sport and if you don’t have the strong mind and will for it, you won’t succeed. The body goes where the mind demands it. I force myself to show up and take responsibility for the final package I wish to portray on show day!”

The Shawn Ray Hawaiian Classic has become the biggest show in Hawaii mostly due to the Promoter’s, Shawn Ray, notoriety who is a retired IFBB-Pro that placed top 5 in the Olympia for 12 consecutive years and won the Arnold Classic in 1990 and 1991. With that, the show has been attracting competitors from all over the world with his relentless promoting and Cutting wants a piece of it.

“I want COMPETITION. If I’m going to do something, anything in life, my motto is go big or go home. I want to prove to myself that I have what it takes to beat the old me and ultimately take that overall podium on Nov. 10,” he said.

In addition to the qualifier, the three overall winners will be sent to Japan in 2019 for a Pro Qualifier, all airfare paid.

“A free flight to a pro qualifier is pretty sweet,” added Cutting.