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MP United wins U13 Fall Youth opener

MP United Football Club leads the U13A Boys division of the 2018 Fall Youth League after outscoring Kanoa Football Club 2, 7-3 during last Saturday’s opening games held at the NMI Soccer Training Center in Koblerville.

MP United showcased their strength as a whole right from the start quickly sinking in the shots.

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MP United’s Andrew Chung dribbles past two Kanoa 2 defenders during last Friday’s opener of the 2018 Fall Youth League U13A Boys Division at NMISTC in Koblerville.  Photo by James F. Sablan Jr.

Andrew Chung was the key to MPUnited’s control as he was unstoppable connecting goal after goal. He started off at the 6th minute drawing first blood and continued to unload with every opportunity he had.

He scored four more consecutive goals in the 17th, 22nd, 25th and 29th mark handing the team an early comfortable lead.

Kanoa 2 sneaked in two goals thanks to Chad Escaner and Paul Lizama but could not outshine Chung keeping them behind 5-2.

Kanoa 2 picked up the pace during the second half of the game as they kept a body on Chung limiting his performance.

However they could only deny Chung for a brief moment as he continued his run draining his sixth goal at the 37th minute.

Kanoa answerd back 13 minutes later by Escaner but Chung made sure they kept the safe distance adding one more goal just a minute later before taking the win 7-3.

Tan Holdings Football Club and Matansa Football Club had a tougher battle as they played as equals and ended as equals 2-2 for the draw.

It seemed as if it was an early championship game as both teams came out strong and aggressive aiming for the kill. Mark Joseph Roque was the first to attack scoring in the 28th minute. But as soon as they lowered their guard, Matansa FC struck back just two minutes later by Jin Xin Wen to keep the score even by the end of halftime 1-1.

During the second half Matansa FC controlled most of the possession and kept the action flowing with countless attacks. They were awarded at the 33rd mark when Vutheccn took the lead 2-1.

Things were looking up for Matansa FC as time winded down but Tan Holdings FC pulled through in the last minute with Mark Joseph Roque pushing a 2-2 draw.