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CNMI settles for fourth place in 3x3 tournament

TEAM CNMI made name in Bali, Indonesia as they made it to the semifinals and took the fourth place overall during the weekend event of the International Basketball Foundation Youth Leadership Cup U18 Mixed 3x3 Tournament.

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CNMI’s Coby Santos makes contact as he drives against a Guam player during last weekend’s IBF Youth Leadership Cup U18 Mixed 3x3 Tournament at Bali, Indonesia.  Contributed photo

Cassandra Camacho, Alliyah Fernandez, Dean Blake and Coby Santos started off strong as they swept the first four matches of the tournament leading to their fourth seat win.

CNMI played tough as defeating neighboring island Guam by a good amount 11-6. They continued their dominance taking down Laos in a very close battle 7-6 and followed up with their third straight win over Brunei 8-4 to secure a spot in the quarterfinals.

It was CNMI’s inside game that kept them in control as Blake and Camacho used their strength to power their way inside as most of their outside shots were not going in. But their efficiency inside was enough to keep them going.

CNMI continued to look up as they stomped on Myanmar 10-7 putting them in the semis. CNMI’s journey was too good to be true though as they were denied entry into the finals as Singapore held them down 8-6 to end their streak and their ascension to the top.

Philippines took 1st place in the tournament taking down Singapore 15-8 while Papau New Guinea came in at third.

It was a big accomplishment for CNMI and reaching fourth place was more than enough for them.

 “The competition out there was a little harder than the competition here. I say this because we challenged the teams that were also the champions from where they’re from and they actually can play the position they were in. Here i could play all the positions and still be unstoppable,” Coby Santos said in an interview with Variety.

Although CNMI fell at fourth place, Santos thought they could have made it all the way.

 “I feel like 4th place is not where we were supposed to be. We could’ve done better by ball movement and better defense. We had a big shot at making it to the finals and also winning at the finals too,” he said.

“My experience out in Bali was great. Challenging players that were fast, strong, good shooters, and high jumpers was a learning experience. Also the girls were pretty good. So I think it was well worth the trip,” he added.