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Pippapeg claims 9th Tekken Qualifier

Last Friday eSports Micronesia hosted its Ninth Tekken 7 Championship Tournament Qualifier Series at Joe’s Bar and Steakhouse located along Beach Road, Garapan.

Ronnel “Pippapeg” Ringor smiles as he holds his eSports Micronesia jersey after winning the 9th Tekken 7 Championship Tournament Qualifier Series at Joe’s Bar.
Ronnel Ringor, right, holds his new jersey as poses with the previous qualifiers during last Friday’s Tekken 7 Championship Tournament Qualifier Series at Joe’s Bar. Contributed photos

The organizers, once again would like to thank the sponsors, Sinahi Nation, Joe’s Bar and Steakhouse, and The Game Athletics.

 In the qualifier, a total of 10 participants competed against each other in a 1 versus 1, best of 5 single elimination format.

In the first match returning players Ronnel “Pippapeg” Ringor face off against Federick “FeddyWap” Delos Santos. Ronnel began the match with a strong offensive play style with ‘Dragonov’s string of low attacks to aerial launch juggles. Federick.

However, responded in kind countering most of his attacks with ‘Bryan’s orbital launch followed up with aerial juggles of his own. Their match was a constant back and forth struggle towards the the final round with a 2 to 2 score and Ronnel coming out the victor moving into the Quarter-Finals where he will face off against Christian “CJtheDJ670” Santos.

In the Quarter-Finals, Ronnel “Pippapeg” Ringor faced off against Christian “CJtheDJ670” Santos while James “diMpz” Sablan went up against Austin “Senordal” Villagomez.

In the match between Ronnel and Christian, Ronnel displayed an aggressive play style from the beginning with ‘Law’ constantly pressuring his opponent with a mixture of mid and low attacks into launch juggles and wall damages. Feeling the pressure Christian chose to switch out his character from ‘Hwoarang’ to his main ‘Noctis’. In their final match with Ronnel leading 2 to 0 Christian fought back with everything he had utilizing ‘Noctis’ speed advantage taking two rounds for the tie but lost in the final round ending the match with 3 to 0 with Ronnel advancing to the Semi-Finals.

The fourth match of the Quarter-Finals James ‘Claudio’ went head to head with Austin’s ‘Steve’. Austin started the match strong in the beginning showcasing ‘Steve’s quick attacks and powerful punishers and combo winning the first game; however James adjusted his playstyle accordingly and was able to defend and counter attack with ‘Claudio’s launch and juggle combos winning game two. With the score tied at 1 to 1, Austin decided to switch his character to ‘Miguel’ but was unable to cope with ‘Claudio’s attack speed, leaving him constantly on defense.

James continued to put the pressure on Austin in the final round not letting his opponent get a chance to retaliate ending the match with a 3 to 1 for the final score and advancing to the Semi-Finals.

In the first match of the Semi-Finals Ronnel “Pippapeg” faced off against John “Kaizoku” Peter. Once again Ronnel started the match with an aggressive play style utilizing ‘Dragonov’s counter launchers and juggles keeping John’s ‘Akuma’ constantly on defense. After losing the first game John decided to switch his character to ‘Law’ utilizing his quick attacks and combo juggles to counter his opponent’s aggressive play style winning the second game. In the third game Ronnel adjusted his timing accordingly and was able to take the win making the score 2 to 1. John once again decided to switch back to his main character ‘Akuma’ in the third game but was unable to keep up with Ronnel’s onslaught of attacks ending the match with 3 to 1 and Ronnel advancing to the Finals.

In the second match of the Semi-Finals we have Nickles “XLNT” Salmon face off against James “diMpz” Sablan. James started the match strong with ‘Claudio’s quick attack launchers followed up with aerial juggles pushing Nickles ‘Violet’ towards the wall for extra damage quickly taking the first game. The second game ended in a similar fashion with James cornering his opponent against the wall with a barrage of quick attacks. In the final round Nickles fought back hard but was unable to adjust his timing against James’ onslaught ending the match with James taking the win with a 3 to 0 score advancing to the Finals where he will meet Ronnel “Pippapeg”.

For our third place we have John “Kaizoku” face off against Nickles “XLNT”. Their battle was a constant back and forth with both players adopting an aggressive play style. John’s ‘Akuma’ took the first game by catching his opponent off guard and punishing with text book launchers and juggles; however, Nickles retaliated with ‘Violet’ also displaying quick dodges and side steps launchers and aerial juggles. The match was a close struggle between the two with a 2 to 2 for the final round with both player’s health less than 30 percent. The crowd watched on the edge of their seat as the final hit was displayed in slow motion ending with John taking the win with a 3 to 2 score securing his spot for third place.

In the Finals we have Ronnel “Pippapeg” face off against James “diMpz”. Ronnel once again demonstrated just how fearsome ‘Dragonov’ can be when played aggressively. Not only did he display a strong offensive gameplay but he also showed a strong defensive style and well timed counter attacks winning game one. James; however, made the necessary timing adjustments and retaliated in the second game with ‘Claudio’s quick attacks and combo juggles taking game two with the score now tied at 1 to 1. The match started heating up in game three when both players found and adjusted their timing; however, James lost some momentum when he missed a few hits and Ronnel was quick to capitalize on his mistakes taking the win for game three making the score 2 to 1. In game four James fought hard gaining back his momentum catching Ronnel with a counter and maximizing the damage with ‘Claudio’s combo juggles but Ronnel answered back with well timed counters and finishers ending the match with a 3 to 1 for the final score.

In first place we have Ronnel “Pippapeg” Ringor who will now be granted a seat at our Grand Championship Tournament in October on a grand stage venue yet to be determined. A total of 10 qualifier tournaments will be held (one to go). In second place we have James “diMpz” Sablan and finally in third place we have John “Kaizoku” Peter.

Registration fee is $15.00 for competitors, $5.00 for spectators and no charge for children ages 10 and under. Registration can be done on site the day of or you can head on over to our Smash GG site to pre-register online and make payment at the door on game day.

For more qualifier dates and Grand Championship Tournament updates, call (670) 287-9293 or check the eSports Micronesia Facebook page at