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PSS athletics director bares plans for school sports

NICK Gross, Public School System Athletics Department director, hosted a Sports Roundtable meeting last Thursday to share with the community stakeholders the current plans for youth sports at the Pacific Islands Club Charley’s Cabaret.

“Our/my first attempt(s) at formalizing Athletic programs may not be exactly what we plan but the objective is easily within reach, however ugly and unorthodox it may be.  The end result is entirely too important for our kids and their kids.  Give them the opportunity to explore healthy, active lifestyles through meaningful sporting opportunities and work to increase the number of opportunities as often as WE can support.  YOU can make a difference!  But, WE can create change!” Gross shared via power point presentation.

Nick Gross

 “Now let me share the vision, and some of the identified barriers to success.  Together, collectively we have a great sample of our islands thoughts, views and expectations,” Gross said as he shares the objective in organizing this event.

It was to update all regarding the “plan” for athletic opportunities (wellness), seek input regarding specific barriers unique to the CNMI in the implementation of the “plan”, and allow to network to achieve success and the ability to expand those opportunities in size and scope.

 Gross’ plan includes all High School grade years having sporting events including Cross Country Running, Volleyball, Golf, Cheerleading, Swimming, Soccer, Boys Fast Pitch Softball, Basketball, Girls Fast Pitch Softball, Outrigger Paddling and Track and Field. All these sports will also make their way through Middle School’s 6th to 8th grade and Elementary’s K to 5th grade which has a few changes such as Co-ed Soccer and Co-ed Softball (mountain ball). Although they may not occur this SY18-19 due to lack of appropriate equipment, Gross plans to implement these in the following year.

The eligibility for each grade school was said which includes age, no failing of grades and parents’ consent.

The CNMI Disability Sports Festival was also discussed with the goal to unite individuals throughout the CNMI with disabilities, in Saipan, to enjoy good will sporting activities and healthy recreational opportunities, while fostering meaningful interpersonal relationships among the participants, volunteers, and partnering organizations.

Also to identify and establish sustainable funding sources and collaboration between stakeholders that allows this to become an annual event during the month of March in observance of Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. The festival will be brought on March 2019.

Gross has also included all sports federations with great opportunities. CNMI recognized sport federations (under NMSA) will be considered as interscholastic sport opportunities. This will ensure that our students are accessing the best opportunity possible to explore wellness through sport.  The collaboration and streamlining of community stakeholders will enable us to maximize our capacity to provide meaningful athletic opportunities.  MOA’s will be implemented with the corresponding sport federations to conduct the events.

Once established, it is the goal of the department to continue to offer more access to more opportunities to cater to the wide interests of the students which includes a triathlon, rugby, tennis, weightlifting, badminton and table tennis.

At the end of the presentation Gross also discussed the obstacles and ideas like funding, venues, coaches, official training, transportations and logistics, part-time jobs vs. volunteerism, maintaining drugfree activities and DPS/EFEMS presence.

For more information contact Nick Gross at or 287-4767.