House honors local MMA’s Alvarez

THE House of Representatives on Friday honored Trench Tech’s Justis Cuki Alvarez in a resolution for his accomplishments in sports.

Authored by Rep. Edwin Propst, Ind.-Saipan, House Resolution 20-25 honors and commends Alvarez for his numerous accomplishments while representing the CNMI in various sports events.

Justis Cuki Alvarez, center, holds the House Resolution as he poses with his family, Rep. Edwin Propst and other members of the House last Friday.  Contributed photoJustis Cuki Alvarez, center, holds the House Resolution as he poses with his family, Rep. Edwin Propst and other members of the House last Friday. Contributed photo

 “It is the sense of this legislative body that the quality and character of life in this great commonwealth is indelibly enriched by the noble efforts of those individuals who would devote their time to represent the CNMI while partaking in a wide range of sporting events and in accord with its long-standing traditions, this Legislative Body, representing the people of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, is moved this day to pay tribute to Mr. Justis F. Alvarez, commonly referred to as ‘Cuki’,” said Propst as he presented the resolution.

Alvarez, 47, started his passion for sports at the age of nine and has never stopped moving since then representing the CNMI in various sporting events.

It was Alvarez’s father, the late Raymond F. Alvarez who opened his eyes to sports when he, the father, started the Saipan Suzuki Motorcycle and Hang-gliding shop back in 1977.

After graduating high school, Alvarez competed in the Motocross competitions held on island along with his brother Raymond Alvarez Jr. at the People’s Park also known as the Oksu’ Talafofo in Capital Hill along with the Saipan Motocross Club.

Since then he has represented CNMI in countless Motocross, off-road, car and jetski races around the world including Guam, Hawaii, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, U.S. and Yap.

Throughout his years in competitive Motocross and car races, Alvarez won more than a handful of trophies starting from 1977 to 2007.

In 2008 Alvarez finally hung the competitive racing life and focused on Trench Tech, a Mixed Martial Arts based company in which he founded. He started in 2004 Cuki founded Trench Tech Purebred Saipan MMA Academy where he trained fighters who competed in several on and off-island events such as the Trench Warz, Copa De Marianas, Marianas Open, and the more recent UFC with Frank ‘The Crank’ Camacho. He has also participated in these events himself where he was victorious in all six of his MMA events.

Alvarez’s athletic mind did not stop there as he also played a huge role in the sport of basketball from 1994-2001 where he landed a spot on the CNMI National Team. He joined the team in the 2002 Micronesian Games in Pohnpei but had a severe knee injury prior to the team’s departure.

Cuki continues to work hard contributing to the CNMI as an athlete and a teacher in MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He also recently earned a silver medal in the 2018 Asian IBJFF Jiu-Jitsu Championships held at Tokyo Budo-Kan, Japan.

Cuki does not do this for any recognition but just does it for the love of sports. Whether he is competing or training others to compete, he never stops working hard to put CNMI on the map and helping others in every way that he can.

“I did not expect this, I never really expect anything. I do this because I’m very passionate about it, I love it. It is just something I do; plaque or no plaque, it is in my blood and it is just a family tradition,” said Alvarez in an interview with Variety.

“It was a family thing, something we’ve done for many years together and I never expected the CNMI to recognize me but I was delightfully surprised and I accepted the commemorative resolution with open arms. I was very thankful,” he added.

“I never really had the lack of inspiration to do good for the CNMI but of course this motivates me more now that I have received such an honor. I am in no way, shape or form, looking for more accolades, these efforts are truly coming from within me. This is something that I love and enjoy doing and what better way to have more motivation now,” Alvarez said.

Alvarez would like to thank the people of the CNMI and Rep. Propst for making this whole movement, all the members of the house, friends and family for all their support.

“I am a proud representative of my island and I will continue to do it. Let’s do it!”