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PSS sports leagues on hold

THE Public School System sports leagues are on hold as most of the sports facilities have been damaged by Super Typhoon Yutu.

“All of the programs are currently on hold while we work to get schools going again.” said the PSS Athletic Department Director Nick Gross.

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An Agape Christian School student extends for a bump return during a previous game of the 2018 PSS Girls High School Volleyball League at the Marianas High School gym.
A Kagman High School student connects an overhead spike during a previous game of the 2018 PSS Girls High School Volleyball League at the Marianas High School gym.  Photos by James F. Sablan Jr.

“I’m unsure of exactly how we will move forward but we will overcome the barriers and get some programs going again as soon as possible,” he added.

Before Typhoon Yutu hit the islands, the Commonwealth Coalition of Private School Association Middle School Volleyball League championship game was set on Tuesday, Oct. 23 but was cancelled in preparation for the typhoon.

The CCOPSA Boys and Girls High School Leagues were to follow through after but are now pending. The Middle School Interscholastic Soccer League also just started on Oct. 22 but is now on hold with the rest of the leagues.

As for the Marianas High School gym, which hosted most of the PSS Volleyball Leagues, it has once again been damaged.

“The MHS gym has once again sustained damage but the PSS is working quickly to minimize damages,” Gross said.

The eastern eve of the building was pulled up and one large window was blown out. “There may have been additional damages, but these were the most apparent from my perspective,” he added.

  PSS is focusing on getting the kids back to school but Gross would like to pick up the sports events as soon as they could, Gross said.

“Although there are differing opinions as to the need for athletic programs when our islands are recovering, I personally feel that getting some programs back on-line can greatly assist our community’s recovery,” Gross added.

“Pending the resumption of classes and the logistics involved in trying to get our kids back to school we will assess the opportunities for continued sporting activities,” he said.

The Athletic Department Director thinks that at this point, they will resume activities by January but possibly with a different format.

“In the near future, I’ll be working with NMIVA and Saipan Volley to offer some beach volleyball currently slated for December 1st.  As we prepare for the event we’ll make sure the community is informed.” said Gross.

“To the sporting community of all ages, continue finding time to train, assist your neighbors and villages in the recovery, and stay healthy!  The CNMI sporting community is resilient.  We will overcome this!”