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NMASA reaches out to kids in typhoon shelters

NORTHERN Marianas Sports Association development officer Elias Rangamar and some of his staffers continue their commitment to sports by reaching out to the children in typhoon shelters.

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Northern Marianas Sports Association development officer Elias Rangamar watches some kids play a pic- up basketball  game at the half portion of the Gilbert C. Ada Gym after it was cleaned up on Sunday.  Photo by Emmanuel T. Erediano

Due to the devastations left behind be Super Typhoon Yutu, most sports organizations including NMASA cannot hold regular leagues right now said sports development officer Elias Rangamar.

In an interview on Sunday, Rangamar disclosed that over the last several days after the typhoon, he and his staff members have been holding ‘sports splash’ at typhoon shelters in Tanapag and San Roque. These activities include obstacle course, soccer, volleyball and T-ball for the children whose homes were destroyed by the typhoon. One shelter is located at the Tanapag Middle School and the other is at Gregorio T. Camacho Elementary School.

Rangamar whose own house was also damaged by the typhoon said they run these sports activities on the school grounds to give children some outdoor activities to do while trying to cope with situation.

“Right now there’s really nothing we can do in holding regular leagues but at least we can still get those kids active while at shelters,” Rangamar said.

The sports splash happens everyday from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

The Oleai Sports Complex track and field, the Gilbert C. Ada Gym and the baseball fields were badly damaged, he said and it will take a while before things can get back to normal.

“Also everyday we come here at the gym to clean up the debris with the help of the Saipan Mayor Office and the U.S. military,” Rangamar said.