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Art of War 13 set for Dec. 29

CUKI Alvarez and Trench Tech Purebred Saipan scheduled The Art of War 13 Grappling Submission Challenge for Dec. 29 in lieu of Rites of Passage 24 “Ragin’ Rumble” which was supposedly set for Oct. 24.

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For the Gi & Nobi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament grapplers can register today.

The tournament will have bronze, silver and gold medals for Absolute Gi Division for all weights including White Belt Absolute, Blue Belt Absolute, Purple Belt Absolute and Brown Belt Absolute

In the NoGi division they will have bronze, silver & gold medals for separate weight classes.

 The Lightweight class will start from 100lbs-145lbs followed by the welterweight at 146lbs- 165lbs, middleweight at 166-185lbs, light heavyweight at 186lbs-200lbs, and heavyweight at 201lbs and up.

“Tentatively the event will be held at my gym, like an open house style tournament. We have one grappling event each year and so we are going to finish the year with some friendly competition. Since we cancelled the ROP24 event, this will be a great way to end the year fighting,” said Cuki Alvarez.