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Kan Pacific seeks DPL’s nod to clean Marpi pool

KAN Pacific Saipan is asking the Department of Public Lands to allow them to clean and maintain the 50-meter swimming pool in Marpi.

The original leaseholder made the request upon discovering that the Olympic-size swimming pool was broken into by suspected thieves.

Since its shutdown, the pool that all the NMI Swimming Federation used for annual events has been deteriorating.

Last week, witnesses discovered that some structures surrounding the pool including the NMISF office was vandalized.

Tsunami Saipan President Hiroko Tenorio said that someone broke into the facility possibly making an attempt to steal. Luckily, not too much damages was done because most of the Kan Pacific’s and swimming group’s belongings had been transferred to a safer place.

She said it was sad to know somebody do such things. It is [bad] enough that kids have to be away from their pool, she said.

“It was obvious that someone tried to steal. Some of our stuffs that are tied in together were cut and all rooms are so messy,” Tenorio said.

“I am requesting DPL for their approval to clean up the pool area so that we can help maintaining our home pool,” she added.

Department of Public Lands Secretary Marianne C. Teregeyo has earlier said: “The bids for the golf course and the race track are under review by the DPL right now. Marianas trekking and Grand Marianas submitted bids for the race track while Kan Pacific and Grand Marianas submitted proposals for the golf course.”

“Both bids are under review. The request for proposal or RFP for the hotel’s operators’ management has yet to be issued. Whoever gets the hotel and the race track has to pay to operate the pool that is a public benefit,” he added.