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And, ‘the beat goes on’

IN the annual Rocball games that are traditional a part of Marianas High School’s Intramural sports activities, two teams have been eliminated from this year’s league of games.

The Laly Four and team San Jose 2 were eliminated after losing three games. The only undefeated team after three rounds of play is San Jose 1.

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The Kiss My Ace players go airborne for an attack during a Rocball at the Marianas High School open court.  Contributed photo

The Bumpers, Fam Bam, Teachers, and WTA are tied at second place with 2 wins and 1 loss. Teams T.D. and VAD have one win and two losses each.

But, because the annual Rocball games at MHS are made up of more than just high school students, the players of the eliminated teams are allowed to join up or be recruited by teams still in competition. This kind of system allows players to continue playing Rocball and in many cases improves other high teams a better chance to win. Teams will be able to recruit up to but not including the semi finals and the championship games.

In Rocball statistics of how well teams and players are doing in connection with Rocball’s multiple point scoring system and quarter/set games, San Jose 1 has scored 23 two-point “Aces”, in two point “Xunk” servres San Jose 1 and VAD have five xunks each.

In the two point backcourt scoring system called a “kee”, team T.D. leads with five kees.

In goals, a three point score, the Teachers lead with four goals scored. And, in spiking down a served ball called the “Jam” WTA is leading with one Jam scored.

In the individual scoring category for Rocball multi-point scoring system, Kaystone Refalopei Noresch has scored 10 aces, Liam Arriola, Fatima Monterubio, Kevin Kukkun, Noryanka Skerei, and Amu Itibus are tied with scoring two xunks each.

In the two-point backcourt scoring category made a team’s goalie, Mr. Nick Gross leads the league with four kees. And, in the play in which a served ball can be spiked down by a defensive front line player, Bailey Spaeth has scored the on jam so far this year.

The player of the week is Mr. Roque Indalecio of the Teacher’s team. In Mr. Indalecio’s first Rocball game, he scored a goal on the first time he served the ball. Mr. Indalecio is only the second person in Rocball’s 36 years of games to have made this kind of play.