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Hopwood takes top spot in PSS 4x4 grass volleyball

HOPWOOD Middle School sits at a comfortable spot as the seeding rounds of the Public School System Middle School Boys and Girls 4x4 Grass Volleyball Tournament came to an end last Saturday.

 The triumphs put both their boys and girls teams at the number one seat during games at the Oleai Sports Complex field.

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A Hopwood Middle School 2 player hits a bump return during last Saturday’s game of the Public School System Middle School 4x4 Grass Volleyball tournament at the Oleai Sports Complex field.
A Hopwood Middle School 1 student reaches out to save the ball during last Saturday’s game of the PSS Middle School 4x4 Grass Volleyball tournament held at the Oleai Sports Complex field.  Photos by James F. Sablan Jr.

The boys of HMS went unstoppable as they held a perfect record defeating Dandan Middle School 1, Dandan Middle School 2 and Dandan Middle School 3.

HMS first went up against DMS 3.

It was a close game as both teams exchanged leads several times but Hopwood managed to stay in control holding on to the lead. HMS played aggressive returning each possession with spikes when they saw fit keeping DMS 3 on their toes the whole time. DMS 3 tried to stay in the game but failed to capitalize during crunch time and ended in defeat against HMS 25-18.

Hopwood then moved on to face DMS 1 where they continued to deliver with the same strategy leaving their opponents in the dust 25-18 to further strengthen their seating.

Hopwood did not stop there though as they carried their momentum over to the final game against DMS 2. DMS 2 put up a much tougher fight as they were relentless on both offense and defense keeping the gap close. However miscommunication was their biggest flaw as they failed to cover their weak spots which handed Hopwood the chance to attack and finishing strong for the 25-19 victory collecting three straight wins to put them at the top seed while all three DMS teams earned one win each to hold an even record.

In the girls division Hopwood Middle School 1 was the team to beat as they also held a perfect record of 4-0 against sister teams HMS 2 and HMS 3 along with Dandan Middle School 1 and 2.

HMS 1 first defeated HMS 3 25-18 and then followed up with an easier victory over HMS 2 25-11. HMS 1 was unmatched as they nearly silenced their third opponent DMS 2 25-5 and DMS 1 25-8 to secure their top seed spot.

HMS 3 sits at second place with a total of three wins defeating DMS 2 25-10, DMS 1 25-23 and HMS 2 25-20.

HMS 2 follows at third place with two wins while DMS 2 trails behind with one win and DMS 1 with no wins.

The single elimination tournament to name the true champion of each division will be held on Saturday, February 23rd at the Gilbert C. Ada track & field at 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.