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Rookies are hot and the veterans are not

A FIRST year team of Rocball players known as San Jose is the only undefeated team after five rounds of play.

Team San Jose defeated last year’s Rocball Champions, the KMA, in the third round in four sets 38 to 37.

In the fifth round of games, San Jose defeated the Teacher’s team, last year’s runner up team and former Rocball champions in another four set game 37 to 31. In both games team San Jose had to come from behind after three sets of play to win the fourth set in order to “juice-out” and avoid taking the game into overtime.

In what started out as a ten team league a couple of months ago, five teams have been eliminated; Fam Bam, Laly Four, San Jose 2, T.D., and VAD.

San Jose & Teachers.  Contributed photoSan Jose Teachers. Contributed photo

The remaining teams are San Jose, KMA, Teachers, Bumpers, and WTA. The Teachers and the Bumpers both have two losses and will play an elimination game to see which team advances to the four team semi-final games. And, because the game between the Teachers and Bumpers is a type of playoff, neither team will be allowed to recruit new players.

In Rocball’s unique scoring and quarter/set system of play, the leading teams for each category of scoring is as follows; KMA has scored 37 aces, VAD has scored seven xunks, WTA has scored 10 kees, KMA has scored nine goals, and WTA has scored two jams.

Rocball’s “heavy hitters”, are Kaystone Rafalopei with 13 two point aces; Liam Arriola, Mathew Carlos, J.R. Christopher, Fatima Monterubio, Kevin Kukkun, Noryanka Skerei, Amu Itibus, and Keanu Hosono have scored 2 two point xunks each.

Nick Gross has scored seven two-point kees and Bailey Spaeth leads the league for spiking down two served balls “jams”. In scoring three point goals, J.R. Christopher, T.J Eina, Jerrid Rosario, Nathan Celis, Amu Itibus, and Bailey Spaeth have all scored three goals.