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Marianas Rugby Club off to face Guam

THE Marianas Rugby Club are already on their way to neighboring island Guam where their men’s and women’s team will face the Guam Rugby Team in “The Grit” or Guam Rugby International Tournament this weekend.

The Marianas Rugby Club has been training for this tournament since the beginning of this year and hopes to make a statement off island. Although they have just started training, the team has been learning the basics since last year at the Francisco C. Ada airport field as new members were still coming in.

The Men’s and Women’s Team pose together with their new uniforms. Contributed PhotoThe Men’s and Women’s Team pose together with their new uniforms. Contributed Photo

In addition, the women’s rugby team will be the first team from Saipan to play. “Yes. This is the first time for the Club to play. We tried to go to the Heineken Sevens Rugby tournament in Guam last year but the dates got postponed so we didn’t.” said Vice President Malenie Adelbai. Even with both teams entering the tournament for the first time, Adelbai has high hopes for the CNMI team. “Yes, I’m pretty sure all teams are ready for this tournament. I know that most of the teams that will be playing are more experienced than we are. That’s because a lot of us haven’t tried playing in a real game yet, but I do have faith for our team. We are and will put in a good fight.” she stated.

The Marianas Rugby Club has been around since last year. “We basically built the team from scratch and in the end, it all came together and now we are all just like family. Finally going to our first game.” exclaimed the Vice President.

The Marianas Rugby Club would like to thank Hertz Car Rental, Hobbies, The Game Athlethics, The Football Sharks and the CNMI Department of Commerce for making this trip possible. Also, a huge thanks to all the family and friends whose always been so supportive of every member and the sport. Lastly they would like to thank the Guam Rugby Club for their extend invitation to play and the hospitality. “Un Dankulo na Si Yu’us Ma’ase’ yan Ghilisow.”