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San Jose came to play

AFTER a one week delay in the semi-final game between team San Jose and the MHS Teachers, the Rocball players of San Jose left no doubt as to why they are still the only undefeated Rocball team.

Team San Jose made up mostly of first year Rocball players won three out of four sets. In Rocball, all games are at least four sets. If a team can outscore their opponents in game points after four sets of play and win the fourth set, they “Juice-Out”.

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San Jose and Teachers pose together after their game.  Contributed photo

San Jose came out strong and beat the Teachers in the first set 12 to 6. In the second set, San Jose had their rhythm and almost crushed the Teachers in the second set 12 to 2. But, the Teachers came back in the third set and taught the students it was dangerous to feel too overconfident and won the third set 13 to 12.

In the fourth set, both teams were reminded how Rocball’s quarter/set system worked. San Jose had a commanding 36 to 21 lead in game points after the third set. It wouldn’t have been possible for the Teachers to overcome a 15 point deficit in the fourth set of play. The best the Teachers could have expected was to win the fourth set by any margin and force the game into overtime: Because, a team cannot win a Rocball game in a losing set.

The Teachers the momentum after winning the third set 13 to 12 and was hoping to win the fourth set and settle the game in overtime: In Rocball’s overtime a set is completed at seven points or a goal, which ever was scored first. San Jose would have to won one overtime set and the Teachers would have had to win two overtime sets.

In the fourth set, San Jose came back to play! They just had to be reminded they weren’t playing the tamer version of volleyball where sets rule a game’s outcome. In the fourth set, San Jose came back and defeated the Teachers 13 to 2.

In this game San Jose played a strong defense and limited the Teachers to only score two 2 points plays. San Jose scored twelve two point plays; 9 aces, one xunk, and two kees. Neither team allowed the other to score a three point goal. And, the heavy hitter of the game was Logan Mister of San Jose with four aces and one xunk. On March 29th, the San Jose players will challenge last year’s Rocball champions, the KMA, for this year’s title of Micronesia’s best Rocball players.