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Cassandra Camacho leads U18 Women’s Shot Put

CASSANDRA Camacho of Saipan Southern High School has shown her skill and strength in the Shot Put category of the 2019 Public School System/McDonald’s All Schools Track and Field Championships after claiming first place last Saturday held at the Oleai Sports Complex.

An ACS student attempts the shot put during a previous event of the 2019 Public School System/McDonald’s All Schools Track and Field Championships held at the Oleai Sports Complex. Photo by James F. Sablan Jr.

Camacho’s concentration was seen as she only needed one attempt to put up a distance of 8.08 to grasp the first place seat.

Coming in at second place was Marianas High School’s Cassandra Camacho who came close but fell a few clips shot with 8.08. Following at third place was Kagman High School’s Rayanna Fitial who threw a distance of 7.73 while SSHS’ Tyvian They grabbed fourth place with a distance of 7.7 and Ann Sulap completing the top five list with a distance of 7.14.

Cassandra Camacho also powered through the Women’s Disc Throw taking first place with a distance of 25.64. She outclassed the competition by a huge gap as MHS’ Desrei Camacho took second place with 21.65 and CMS’ Malea Aldan coming in at third with 16.17. SSHS’ Thyvian They and KHS’ Ann Sulap earned the fourth and fifth place with a distance of 15.46 and 15.39 respectively.

As for the Women’s Javelin Throw it was MHS’ Jaime Pangelinan that prospered covering ground with 23.13. KHS’ Rayanna Fitial took second with 22.17, KHS’ Sulap at third with 16.21, MHS’ Ruschell Valino with 15.45 and Desrei Camacho at fifth place with 14.88.

In the sprints it was a close battle between MHS and Saipan International School School.

In the 100m it was MHS’ Jaime Pangelinan that clocked in the fastest time. In heat three she crossed the finish line at a time of 12.99. SSHS’ Tyvian They followed after with a time of 14.49 and KHS’ Maria Quitugua at third with 14.81.

MHS continued to shine as Leani Acasta took first place in the 200m with a time of 30.21 in heat 1. ACS’ Ivy Yu came close at second place with a time of 33.03 followed by schoolmate Judy Liang with a finish time of 34.78.

In the 400m it was Saipan International School’s Stella McCallion that stood tall as she clocked in a time of 1:09.77 to earn the top seat. SSHS Tyvian They shadowed behind with a time of 1:14.62 and ACS’ Elizabeth Xu with a time of 01:18.87.

SIS continued to put up a fight as McCallion also burst through the 800m with a time of 2:53.96. ACS’ Ivy Yu was not too far behind clocking in a time of 3:43.93 and ACS’ Mei Ou with a time of 3:45.81.

In the longer distance with was ACS’ Iris Zhang that topped the 1500m finishing with a time of 7:36.8 with schoolmate Mei Ou at 7:48.75 and Wendy Tang with 7:50.56.

And lastly in the 3000m it was Mei Ou alone that finished with a time of 16:59.63.